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Yup, here's the legal stuff.

I provide the following list to assist people in finding dealers. I make no claim about them as I can't deal with them all. I try to ensure the list is current and that the dealer are good, honest people. No guarantees though. Got it?

You could always subscribe to the Canadian Coin News magazine and get all the latest all the time.

Canadian Coin News
Trajan Publishing Corporation
103 Lakeshore Rd, Suite 202
St. Catharines, Ontario, L2N 2T6
Voice: 905 646-7744   Fax: 905 646-0995

Canadian Association of
Numismatic Dealers

Find what you are looking for @!

Canadian Paper Money Classifieds
C&P Numismatics
PO Box 239
Lac Beauport, Qc, G0A 2C0
Voice: 418 628-9838   Fax: 418 628-2790
Orders: 877 276-8627
Colonial Acres Coins
300 Victoria St. N., # 4,
Kitchener, ON, N2H 6R9
Voice: 519 579-9302   Fax: 519 579-0532
Gatewest Coin Ltd.
1711 Corydon Ave.,
Winnipeg, MAN., R3N 0J9
Voice: 204 489-9112   Fax: 204 489-9118
J&M Coin & Jewellery Ltd.
106 W. Broadway, 
Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1P3
Voice: 604 876-7181   Fax: 604 876-1518
Jeffrey Hoare Auctions Inc
319 Springbank Drive
London, Ontario N6J 1G6
Voice: 519-473-7491   Fax: 519-473-1541
Collector's Supply House
3 Yeo Street, P.O. Box 301
Paris, ON Canada N3L 3G2
Voice: 800 265-0720   Fax: 519 442-7761

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"Charlton's Standard, A Reference for Canadian Government Paper Money".



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