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Update, July 5th, 2018:

We are happy to announce that the Canadian Paper Money website is under new administration and will be resuming operations!

It is our intention to continue building upon the work of Paul Wallis and Brent W. J. Mackie and to conserve and acknowledge the contributions of all the members of the community over the years.

Our goal is to continue promoting the hobby and provide a friendly place for collectors to educate themselves, meet others who share their passion and be able to share their knowledge for the bennefit of all.

A new version of the forum upgraded to the newest SMF software version is now being deployed. Please feel free to report any problems. We have attempted to recreate the previous theme of the forum as closely as possible. This is a work in progress and some sections might not be complete yet.

We are in the process of doing an extensive code review of the site and upgrading the various sections one by one. The SNDB and other sections of the site will be fully integrated into the new site in due course. More information to follow.

Message from previous admin:

Effective April 23, 2018, the Canadian Paper Money website is no longer operating. After over 20 years, its owner has finally decided to shut down the website rather than allow it to fall further into neglect. Attempts to find other interested parties to take over the website have been unsuccessful.

You are encouraged to visit the Canadian Paper Money Society's web site at http://www.cpmsonline.ca for more information about collecting Canadian currency.

Since the late 1990s when the Internet was still in its infancy, the Canadian Paper Money website offered information about Canadian currency as well as a discussion forum where members exchanged ideas, engaged in hearty discussions and even traded banknotes. The founder, Paul Wallis, died in 2010. The site was seamlessly carried on by Brent W.J. Mackie who had already been playing an active role for several years.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the website over the years or has participated in our discussion board.

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