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Started by canadiancoinaholic - Last post by admin

I apologize... we did some updates last night that might have screwed things up with the SNDB.  It seems that whenever I try to update one area it has unintended repercussions elsewhere.  I will be taking a look at everything over the next couple of days.

Started by canadiancoinaholic - Last post by walktothewater

  • Log into SNDB
  • Under "High/Low Tables" you will see 3 tabs: "Dashboard" "Statistics" and click on "High/Low Lists"
    • -
It doesn't appear to be working at the moment- somehow not linked to server- so you may have to wait- perhaps they're doing maintenance.  Anyway- when it does get up and running. Go to "Suspect Notes"
  • Option is to search All Notes or click your ID where it says all notes
  • A table should appear with the notes that are high or low.  A pencil icon appears beside the note, so click on that and it allows you to upload your image

Started by canadiancoinaholic - Last post by canadiancoinaholic

Hey guys, i use the SNDB a bit and i got a new low number. It says to scan it for verification but no other instructions. Any one know how to do this? Its not all that low but its  :-*way lower than whats there right now. Gjs 0009927. Anyway thanks for any help in advance.

4   Test Notes / Re: CBNC Test Note with Graham Bell Portrait

on March 21, 2019, 04:20:31 pm

Started by kartal1903 - Last post by Northwest5

Hi Kartal1903
I have seen these test notes on Ebay, cant remember when but i think some time ago.  Try searching there for past sales.  Good luck, Murray

5   Test Notes / Re: CBNC Test Note with Graham Bell Portrait

on March 20, 2019, 11:11:46 am

Started by kartal1903 - Last post by walktothewater

Can't anybody be any help on this test banknote?

-There are just over 900 members of the CPMF who could answer this question (that would be if all 900 members have logged in (in the past month- which is highly unlikely).  Currently, I have noticed that there are more guests than members logging in (about 15-20/day) - yet even if they did have any leads- they cannot post an answer.

- I have not seen this note until you posted the image last month.

Do you know whether CBN Co actually sold/released these in-house test note to the public?  If you know they have indeed released these, than I suggest you further seek info from:
A) which is the Canadian section of the Coin Community Forum (which has a large member base/plus many Americans who are quite knowledgable). If you are not a member and would like me to post the same query- then just ask.
B) Coins and Canada also may be an good avenue to search
C) Canadian Coin News although you might have to subscribe, this magazine is the ultimate guide for many coin collectors (who could know more) plus they have a search engine.

and of course there are many dealers you could contact (just Google Canadian Coin Dealers) who may know someone who specializes in test notes.

Hope this helps ...W2W

Started by Dean - Last post by AlbertaGuy

I went to the Calgary show a couple of weeks back and was pleasantly surprised how many young people were there and buying. Kudo's to those of you that have encouraged young people to collect and those who are involved in the local "kids" versions of you clubs.

Started by AlbertaGuy - Last post by AlbertaGuy

I would like to buy yes, more on the low end.
I will post it in the trading post.

8   Test Notes / Re: CBNC Test Note with Graham Bell Portrait

on March 20, 2019, 01:52:52 am

Started by kartal1903 - Last post by kartal1903

Hello again,

Can't anybody be any help on this test banknote?


Actually, I am looking for any one of the 10 varieties of these Graham Bell test notes by CBNC. It should not be exact one of the test notes in the attached picture.

Thanks in advance!

Started by Rupiah - Last post by Rupiah

It should also be noted that prefix BSV is most likely as short run prefix with about 5.5 million notes printed. I think the high reported in the SNDB is an error. There is evidence that would strongly suggest that BSV was short run. This evidence is based on the printing skip numbering which changes towards the 4.5 million serial number range in BSV compared to a similar change at 9.0 million prefix range in other B-- prefixes.

This would be consistent with BSV being the prefix that was printed last and giving credence to the theory that BSW was not printed after BSV.

10   General Forum Comments / $20 Polymer - BSW Prefix - Observations

on March 18, 2019, 10:41:15 pm

Started by Rupiah - Last post by Rupiah

W2W and Beatrix on a different forum have mentioned something about BSW.

Here is what we know i.e. these are facts that we know:

The official range of BSW is from 0.0 to 0.269999 (270k)

The reported notes are in the range 0.180000 to 0.269999 (90k)

It is believed that all the notes reported and in the SNDB in the above range have a Position Number (PN) of 51 to 59 i.e. the last or rightmost column (as viewed from the back) in a sheet of 5 columns x 9 rows.

When BoC was releasing these notes media photos showed sheets with BSW notes

Making Sense of Facts

Going by the PN and the range it would seem that the skip number of these notes is 10,000.

Given that PN 51 to 59 are printed in the range of Serial Numbers 0180000 to 0269999 it is simply not possible to assign the printing of other PNs from 91-99, 81-89, 71-79, 61-69 with a skip of 10,000 within a range of serial numbers 0000000 to 0179999.

This would suggest some special printing arrangement (could be the sheet size was not 5x9, could be that other spaces on the sheets may have been used to print something else etc.) not unusual for trial runs.

Given the above and given that BSW sheet was seen at the time of first release of these notes it is possible that even though alphabetically BSW is last, it was printed before any other prefix from BIE to BIZ and BSA to BSW. Something similar has been noted with FTH M-C, EKZ and FBB i.e. these prefixes have been used in the media during the first release of these notes and yet they have either been rarely found (FTH M-C, and EKZ) or have not been released (FBB) before other prefixes that were printed later (FTY, FTZ and FFA bundle straps show dates which are after the release)

Now for the most interesting clue. It is believed that the plates used to print the back of BSW was different than the plate used to print BIE to BIZ and BSA to BSV. I have not presented this evidence publicly yet but I will do so once I get a BSW is hand. I have presently based it on the images I have seen of these notes.

It is my belief that the BSW was first prefix to get printed and most likely used for final circulation trial.

Bottom Line

The total number of BSW's can be no more than 270,000 which is what the BoC has declared.

The BSW's that will be found are all likely with PN from 51-59 and I think the total will not be more than 90,000. There is evidence (which will be presented in due time) that there is identifiable difference in some aspect of printing found in the BSW compared to notes with PN 51-59 of all other prefixes BIE-BIZ and BSA to BSV. Given this I think BSW should be considered special from a collectors point of view.

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