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1   The Trading Post / WTS Devils Face $1 and $2

on December 05, 2023, 09:20:03 am

Started by Norret - Last post by Norret

Selling 2 BCS graded Devils Face Notes. $1-- $110,  $2--- $150

2   The Trading Post / Selling Bank of Canada Notes 1979 Issue

on December 05, 2023, 12:18:36 am

Started by Norret - Last post by Norret

I am selling Notes from my Bank of Canada Collection. These are 1979 Issue. I am looking for 70% of listed book price. Message me if you are Interested. Thx

BC53a   $5.00                       LAW-BOU   CH/UNC   30288066291      35
BC53a   $5.00                       LAW-BOU   CH/UNC   30288066292      35
BC53b   $5.00    8-NOTES           CRO-BOU   CH/UNC   30572459042-49   440
BC54a   $20.00                       LAW-BOU   CH/UNC   50065540400      70
BC54a*   $20.00                       LAW-BOU   CH/UNC   50299964555      70
BC54a*   $20.00                       LAW-BOU   CH/UNC   50302477397      70
BC54aA   $20.00    SCARCE           LAW-BOU   VF           51001511242      175
BC54b   $20.00    LITHO           CRO-BOU   CH/UNC   52048996859      60
BC54bA   $20.00    STEEL >4800k   CRO-BOU   AU           51004547286      125
BC54bA*   $20.00    LITHO <4800k   CRO-BOU   VF           51004865552      35
BC54bA*   $20.00    LITHO              CRO-BOU   EF/AU   51005301849      75
BC54bA*   $20.00      LITHO           CRO-BOU   CH/UNC   51005322100      200
BC54bAi   $20.00    STEEL >1360k   CRO-BOU   CH/UNC   51600923227      225
BC54bi   $20.00    LITHO <6800k   CRO-BOU   CH/UNC   56397922126      50
BC54c   $20.00                       THI-CRO   CH/UNC   52461002266      45
BC54c   $20.00                       THI-CRO   CH/UNC   52488409713      45
BC54cA*   $20.00                       THI-CRO   CH/UNC   51007322494      115
BC54cA   $20.00                       THI-CRO   CH/UNC   51009272715      115
BC54cAi   $20.00                            THI-CRO   CH/UNC   51602182070      115
BC54cAi   $20.00                       THI-CRO   CH/UNC   51602182072      115
BC54cAi   $20.00                       THI-CRO   CH/UNC   51602182197      115
BC54cAi   $20.00                       THI-CRO   CH/UNC   51603648972      115

Started by Just Bank Notes - Last post by Just Bank Notes

    Another high sheet number 1923 Dominion $1 purple seal test note has been found; it sold on eBay yesterday for a bargain.  This test note has sheet number/check letter C6509484/D and appears to be original F-VF.  I waited to post this information until the auction ended in fairness to anyone bidding who had a sharp eye and noticed this scarce Dominion test note.

    There are now eight high sheet number notes and they continue to be elusive.  The CPMS registry, fifth edition updated in 2022, lists purple seal notes seen by collectors.  I have added more notes since the last edition and my totals are summarized below:

    • McCavour-Saunders purple seal low sheet number range 6000001 to 6386000: 162 notes listed
    • Campbell-Sellar purple seal sheet numbers 6386001 to 6493000: 60 notes listed
    • McCavour-Saunders purple seal high sheet number range 6493001 to 6525000: 8 notes listed


4   Two Dollar High/Lows / Re: Small B - 1973 series $1

on December 03, 2023, 08:33:24 pm

Started by whitenite - Last post by Cbeaulieu

Good found to!
Keep looking just like me to.

5   Two Dollar High/Lows / Re: 2$ large B

on December 03, 2023, 08:30:18 pm

Started by Cbeaulieu - Last post by Cbeaulieu

Hi Whitenite,
Thank you to share your discovery to us.
The BBF is a regular large ''B'' until at the change over in BBP prefix.In BBP they change large to both small ''B''.
But your BGJ it's a good found for my list.
If you found something new let me know please.
Thank you.

6   Show and Tell / Re: Banknotes with a yours here too!

on December 03, 2023, 08:18:15 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Cbeaulieu

It's a great found,never see a ink smudge like this.
It's really nice to show us what you found because someone somewhere see this and remember if he seem something like that in the past,maybe I hope?
The most important things I wish more collectors would like to share their discovery with us in the futur like Dean.

7   Show and Tell / Re: Banknotes with a yours here too!

on December 03, 2023, 05:19:26 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

December 3rd finds, part 4:

I also picked up this 1954 $1 today.

It has smudged ink on the red serial numbers…

Has anybody ever seen this before?


8   Show and Tell / Re: Banknotes with a yours here too!

on December 03, 2023, 05:16:12 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

December 3rd finds, part 3:

I bought this 1937 short snorter today:

On the front are several signatures, but only one is legible.  It reads “J.A. Griffin”.

On the back, there are some signatures in fountain ink.

One reads “Grant Swanson Feb. 20/51”.

The other signatures are hard to read..but they arecalso dated February of 1951, during the Korean War era.



9   Show and Tell / Re: Banknotes with a yours here too!

on December 03, 2023, 04:52:31 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

December 3rd finds, part 2:

This 1979 $5 has the “pink stamp of death” on it.  It is very hard to read, but I can see faint details.

The Royal Bank of Canada
Peterborough Independent Business Centre
401 George St. North
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 6Y8

It also has a very blurry date of 02/09/1988…I think…

This 1954 $20 has a red stamp, but unlike the 1979 $5, this stamp is crystal clear.

It reads
Yonge & Cummer
Willowdale, Ont.

A Google search shows a TD branch at Yonge & Drewery/Cummer, but it is not associated with the number stamped on this note.

This 1973 $1 has a stamp for the Black Diamond Riders motorcycle club, dated 1978.


10   Show and Tell / Re: Banknotes with a yours here too!

on December 03, 2023, 04:41:33 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

December 3rd finds, Part 1:

I picked these notes out of dealer’s junk piles today.

The 1974 $2 has been in the sun for too long.  There’s hardly any design left!

The 1973 $1 has a red teller stamp, but no useful information is contained.

Another 1973 $1 has the figure 910– written in the top left, presumably for $910?

And this birds $2 appears to have offset ink from a 1973 $1; presumably from being stored next to one for an extended period of time.

Finally, this birds $2 has a partial bank stamp on it that reads …”23 1996” for the 23rd day of some month in 1996…the year the $2 note was discontinued.


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