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Title: Just coupons or...?
Post by: mmars on January 26, 2011, 09:50:35 pm
I have been meaning to ask this question for a while.  Do Canadian Tire coupon collectors collect other Canadian Tire-themed items?  The reason I ask is that there are more than a few listings on that online auction site in the Canadian paper money category that are CT related but not coupons.  If you've seen the listings, you know what I mean.  There are old CT catalogues, posters, pins, and even a bike wrench.  I'm thinking that stuff has no business being in the paper money category.  But I guess what I'm asking is, simply, are CT collectors like Coca-Cola collectors who will collect anything related to Coca-Cola?  Is the interest about the brand or just the coupons?
Title: Re: Just coupons or...?
Post by: mmars on January 28, 2011, 04:57:18 pm
OK, I guess the 2 or 3 CTC collectors are on vacation.
Title: Re: Just coupons or...?
Post by: ikandiggit on January 28, 2011, 07:38:43 pm
It wouldn't surprise me if there was CT collectors. I used to sell the catalogues at my antique shop years ago. The ones that were in the highest demand and price range were the Christmas editions that had the toy section.

As for the other items, I guess there's collectors like the ones that collect A&W, Salisbury House, Eaton's, etc. items.
Title: Re: Just coupons or...?
Post by: jay4e on January 30, 2011, 07:24:11 am
Mark, Collectors are collectors and they will usually collect anything. Canadian Tire collectors are no better, when your collection starts to get to a point where the items (notes) you are missing or are not easy to procure, it is very tempting to branch out. The CT Corporation has taken note of that and they issue all types of collectibles, from gold plated, serial numbered wrench sets to limited edition die-cast Liberty Classic vehicles to collectible Christmas ornaments. I have been collecting Canadian Tire money since 1985 and I have seen fellow collectors that are purists and will not collect any thing else but the money and I have seen collectors who will collect anything with the CTC logo on it from hockey pucks to golf balls to frisbees to promotional and employee t-shirts all the way to the bags they put your merchandise in when you make a purchase. So to answer your question the answer would have to be YES the interest, for some collectors, is the brand and not just the coupons (money)
Title: Re: Just coupons or...?
Post by: mmars on January 30, 2011, 04:43:56 pm
Thank you for that most elucidating reply.  I guess CTC is like any other major business that sees an opportunity to make some cheap profits from its brand name by issuing "collectors" items and "limited edition" items.  And I still find it deliciously ironic that the Bank of Canada could not break into the collectors market with its Lasting Impressions sets that were rebuffed like stale fruitcake.