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Title: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: mrcoinman on January 07, 2004, 10:29:48 pm
Hi everyone, I have been following the topic of the AUG to AUN $2.00 notes and I have a bit to say, I don't know if it will help but here goes: A total of 70,000,000 million $2.00 notes were issued by the Bank of Canada with the seven serial number prefixes AUG to AUN. The following signature combinations are as follows:
AUK5000000 to AUK9159999  T/C
AUK9160000 to AUK9999999  C/B
AUL0000000 to AUL3999999  C/B
AUL4000000 to AUL9999999   T/C
AUM0000000 to AUM6159999  T/C
AUM6160000 to AUM9999999   C/B
AUN0000000 to AUN5659999   C/B
AUN5660000  and on   T/C

If my math is correct these numbers total  34,999,992  
When subtracted from the total of 70,000,000  would leave a remaing amount of 35,000,008 to be divided up between th G, H, J, K  with the two different signatures.
Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: BWJM on January 07, 2004, 11:01:02 pm
GENERALLY, you seem to be correct in those assumptions.  Or at the very least, our findings GENERALLY line up with what you're saying.

However, there are some anomolies:
AUK 0000000-4999999 Well-mixed
AUM 5526317 Crow/Bouey
AUM 5526531 Crow/Bouey
AUM 5543674 Crow/Bouey
AUM 5554555 Crow/Bouey
AUN 1688205 Thiessen/Crow
...and that's just from the few observations made by members of this forum.
Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: mrcoinman on January 08, 2004, 12:25:43 am
Hello again, just thought I would submit that information just because its the latest information that I have recieved from Paul Jenkins,  Sorry that it's no help to anyone.
Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: harold on January 08, 2004, 03:02:39 am
I am also interested in your information from Paul Jenkins.

It does appear from detailed observation of many notes that there were some additional batches of notes where the signatures changed.  (Lub was meticulous in his research in 2001!)

Can you share any other details of your communication with the Bank?

The mystery of the changeover prefixes only became apparent to collectors after the fact.  Signatures on the face and prefixes on the back didn't help.  Also, communication of this discovery was much slower before internet (and Paul's wonderful site...) and a co-ordinated study took months rather than days.  As well, the notes in question were being circulated, worn out, and withdrawn.  I'm sure most collectors missed it.  Hence, few saved and a corresponding value in the catalogue.

We must re-read our messages with a critical eye before posting.  When we appear quick with a harsh comment, we hamper the free exchange of information at this site.

Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: BWJM on January 08, 2004, 03:09:47 am
I fear my comments might not have properly expressed my point.  I did not mean to make you think that your information was of no use.  If that is how my post made you feel, I apologize.  The information you posted is most certainly useful and in fact, it confirms the results that appear to be permeating out of the data that we are collecting (with a few minor variances).

Again, if you were made to feel turned away by my post, I sincerely apologize.  That was not the intention.  I most certainly appreciate the information that you have provided.  As well, I would be interested in knowing more about how you came to obtain this information.

Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: westerncoin on January 08, 2004, 03:10:37 am
Mrcoinman ,
thank you for your input..you seem to know alot about the au_ series..any other information you can provide would be helpful.I have a question.if there is still 36 million notes split between 3 prefixes and 2 different set of signatures.that means on average 6 million notes per sig and prefix..why are they so high priced in the book????
your thoughts??



Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: docstrange on January 08, 2004, 10:57:04 pm
Here is my 2 cents worth or should I say $2 worth :)My wife has a $2 bill she carries around in her wallet,it is a AUG C/B ;)
Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: rarenote on January 08, 2004, 11:32:26 pm
Great number!

Tell her i want it!

She can name her price.

Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: docstrange on January 09, 2004, 12:11:22 am
$6000 ;D
Sorry this bill has more sentimental value than financial. My best friend gave it to me years ago when she was visiting from Australia and she said to me as she gave me the bill, " hold onto this note and keep it until it is the last penny you own, and then you can spend it."
So for me to sell this bill would be sacreligious or at least unlucky :'(. Although I believe that my best friend would say, you idiot sell the darned thing.
Title: Re: 1986 AU___  $2.00 notes
Post by: rarenote on January 09, 2004, 01:22:52 am

 Boy i was sure i I had added a wink in that reply!

 I had feelings that was likely the case and its great.

  Best wishes.