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Title: BAI?
Post by: Seth on August 07, 2014, 02:29:16 pm
Continuing discussion from a different thread.

Is there any proof that BAI is or had printed any polymer notes? The printer identifiers in the serial number prefixes, if still used in the traditional way, would indicate that both companies were printing polymer, but we know that BAI folded its Canadian operations two years ago. All the info I can find online suggests that only CBN has ever printed polymer.

Does anyone know for sure?
Title: Re: BAI?
Post by: Marc on August 08, 2014, 10:28:08 am
It may be hard to know for sure.  But when one looks at the back of the $20, there is a significant difference in the intensity of the "security square."  Notes from BAI have a much more obvious square than those from CBN.  The Charlton guide reports that both companies printed $20 and $50 notes.

Aside from that, I can't think of any other major differing characteristic.  I'm inclined to believe that BAI's last hurrah was a 2012 run of polymer $20 and $50 notes.  Or pehaps they were printed in late 2011 and stored?
Title: Re: BAI?
Post by: Seth on August 14, 2014, 01:17:21 am
Thanks Marc.

It turns out my suspicions were unfounded. The BoC says in this doc (http://www.cfig.ca/docs/currency_polymer.pdf) that both companies were printing the polymer notes.
Title: Re: BAI?
Post by: suretteda on August 14, 2014, 10:45:28 am
Canadian Bank Note buys BA International facility

OTTAWA—Canadian Bank Note is expanding with a third Ottawa facility, formerly owned by BA International. The location was purchased for a reported $10.2 million.

"The company is expanding and growing, it's running out of space," said Canadian Bank Note rep Judy Valz. The new 121,000 sq. ft. unit will extend operations from the company's Richmond Road headquarters, also specializing in security printing and distribution under the same management team.

Banknote specialist BA International ceased operations at the Gladstone Avenue facility last year following the Bank of Canada's adoption of longer-lasting polymer currency. Following the purchase, Canadian Bank Note now has 15 locations worldwide.

Valz said operations would start progressively over the next year and that equipment installs would be a combination of already owned machines and new purchases. She could not give details on equipment models due to security concerns.

Canadian Bank Note operates four main divisions: lottery systems, identification systems, payment systems and shareholder services. It prints passports, banknotes, travellers' cheques, government bonds, driver's licences and more for a host of different countries. According to PrintCAN's sister publication Graphic Monthly Canada, it was the eighth largest printer in Canada last year with $225 million in sales in 2011.