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Title: The First CTC S32 Replacement was just found
Post by: jay4e on August 10, 2015, 03:55:22 pm
The first replacement in the CTC S32 series with the Dean McCann / Stephen Wetmore signatures was found.  It is the 10¢ SHEET replacement. It is dated 2014.  As you all know, the regular issue of 2014 - 10¢ notes were found about 2 months ago in the CTC S32 series.  No other replacements have been found in this series.  This replacement is in the 9000950000 to 9000999999 range.  The two previous ranges - 9000850000 to 9000899999 and 9000900000 to 9000949999 have not been issued as yet.  I look forward to see if they will be issued or if they will have the same fate as the two missing 5¢ ranges of replacements in the CTC S31-B series.

Check out the image of the new replacement below.