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Title: Three varieties/errors found
Post by: qwerty on November 20, 2015, 01:42:04 pm
Looking through my very small stack of CT notes, I found 3 notes that are worth mentioning and for which I found no references in a web search.


(1) CTC-7-C s/n E1827407 - Nomination double print - I would described as a "blurred" 15c... due to a re-print over a light/faded print by another print that seems to be still lighter than what it should have been.
I would grade the note as VF, but I'm no expert.

(2) CTC-S11-C s/n E1541788 with Right s/n offset to right - grade as Good

(3) CTC-S15-B s/n 0001905363 with Missing ink of right 5c - Better than VF

Have I found a rather rare variety or are these common occurrence with CT money?
Title: Re: Three varieties/errors found
Post by: jay4e on November 23, 2015, 04:22:32 pm
These types of errors are very common on CTC money, even the most recent series have several varieties on them.  There is a catalogue of CTC varieties, it is called the Bilodeau Guide Volume 2, 9th edition and has 236 pages of varieties with nearly 750 images showing all known varieties.  It is available on the CTCCC web site.