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Title: Macklem - Carney FTH ???
Post by: walktothewater on October 23, 2021, 03:42:10 pm
It's been three years since the Vertical Tens appeared and no more prefixes have been released for the old Frontiers $10 Polymer.

The lowest M-C FTH happens to be #6706164 from Edmonton & the highest reported is #8343633 from Sarnia, Ontario. The Bank of Canada change over is reported as FTH 8364999 & then its Macklem-Poloz signature.

With 13 notes reported on the SNDB, should there not be some acknowledgement in Charlton that this has been a short/difficult change-over to track, (or some such comment if they cannot comment otherwise)? 

Title: Re: Macklem - Carney FTH ???
Post by: walktothewater on April 03, 2022, 09:47:12 am
Today, April 3rd, I just added FTH 8459782 to the SNDB. I have added 2 8.38M M-P notes but they were (sadly) the Macklem-Poloz variety.

This brings the # of Macklem-Poloz FTH to 675. The Charlton BV remains high on this note.

The # of Macklem-Carney FTH remains unchanged at 13. The Charlton BV remains extraordinarily low on this rarely reported note.

I have added over 64,000 notes to the SNDB & I haven't seen one.  While it is true that I have added many $20 & $5 serial numbers, the majority of the data (probably 80%) would come from TENS which is what I most often search.

If you execute a RAW enquiry on the SNDB, you will find:
2 notes were found in the 6.7M-6.8M range;
5 notes were found in the 8.000-8.044 range;
1 note had a SN of 8.127 range
3 notes in the 8.22 - 8.26 range
2 notes in the 8.32 - 8.34 range
(13 notes)
[Note there have been NO M-C FTH serial numbers reported between 0 - 6,000,000 (6M). There have been no notes reported between 6.0 - 6.7M nor any between 6.9M - 8M].

I do hope that the Pricing Panel or Editors of Charlton will address the oversight of the scarcity of the M-C FTH prefix in the upcoming edition.
Title: Re: Macklem - Carney FTH ???
Post by: walktothewater on September 18, 2022, 09:12:47 am
Has the new 23rd Ed of Charlton added anything about the Macklem-Carney FTH?