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Title: IBNS Ontario Chapter
Post by: BWJM on March 13, 2022, 03:39:36 pm
The Ontario Chapter of the International Bank Note Society is now open for business!
If you’re in Ontario (or not, we're not picky!), you may want to join the new IBNS Ontario Chapter! The Chapter has monthly Zoom meetings where you can meet other local collectors with similar interests, keep up-to-date with what’s happening and enjoy fun topical show-and-tell and periodic educational presentations.

All IBNS members are invited to join the Ontario Chapter and guests are always welcome.  If you're not already a member of the IBNS, you are encouraged to join (https://www.theibns.org/join) and receive all the benefits of membership including the awesome IBNS Journal.

Our first meeting is Thursday March 17 with a show-and-tell theme of “military” and a special presentation from Michael Zigler titled "Siege Notes from the Boer War and Khartoum".
The Ontario Chapter is being operated in association with the Waterloo Coin Society, a local coin club in Ontario, Canada. Through this association, Chapter members will benefit by receiving the WCS Newsletter which will expand by two pages and serve as the Chapter’s official publication. Association with WCS will also allow for membership promotions where members of one organization can join the other at a discounted* rate. The cooperation between WCS and the IBNS Ontario Chapter will also provide increased publicity for both as well as the IBNS.

Membership in the IBNS Ontario Chapter is FREE for existing IBNS members.

The board of directors for the IBNS Ontario Chapter consists of President Brent W.J. Mackie (BWJM), Secretary Peter Becker (Rag_Picker) and Directors Ken Brown (johnny99), Jeff Wilson and Michael Zigler (eyevet).

For more information, please contact me, email ontariochapter@theibns.org or contact the Waterloo Coin Society (https://www.facebook.com/waterloocoins) on Facebook!

* WCS members joining the IBNS can apply to WCS for a $5 rebate paid by WCS.
Title: Re: IBNS Ontario Chapter
Post by: kid_kc79 on March 18, 2022, 03:55:00 pm
Great meeting last night, thank you very much to the presenters and organizers. Looking forward to the next one.
Title: Re: IBNS Ontario Chapter
Post by: BWJM on March 27, 2022, 04:51:55 pm
Next meeting is coming up on Thursday April 21.  Zoom meeting details are in the first post above (same meeting ID and passcode).

Hope to see you there!
Title: Re: IBNS Ontario Chapter
Post by: Rag Picker on June 26, 2022, 09:13:17 pm
If you have not had a chance to attend the monthly Zoom meetings - same id# and passcode each month unless we change it, you are in for a real treat and are welcome to drop in.

Topics have been very educational and informative so far and range from Military, heads of state, Space and transportation.  Additional topics have been lined up and there is always a fun show and tell session as well.

The July 21 presentation will be Banknotes of former nations or territories.  You do not have to be an IBNS member to attend, so why not check us out?

In other news Ontario Chapter president BWJM has been appointed Area 2 director overseeing Canada, U.S.A and Bermuda.
Title: Re: IBNS Ontario Chapter
Post by: Rag Picker on July 28, 2022, 02:52:55 pm
Another fun and exciting Zoom meeting is planned for tonight at 7pm.

Michael Souza will be presenting on banknotes from countries that no longer exist.

Should prove to be an interesting topic so dig up some of your notes for the show and tell.
Title: Re: IBNS Ontario Chapter
Post by: Rag Picker on August 04, 2022, 05:09:18 pm
Our August meeting has been bumped up by one week to avoid scheduling conflicts with the ANA Convention and  member's preplanned vacations.

The topic for the evening will be mythical creatures on banknotes and should prove quite interesting.

See you on the 25th!  Log in details and information on the society is in the March 13 announcement.