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Title: Bonin - Theissen BRX
Post by: Zatsta on June 09, 2005, 02:32:57 am
Charlton lists a printing run of 140,000 of these.
Also states that 68,000 notes sent to the mint for special sets.
That would leave 72,000. Book value in UNC at $100 seems low, anyone else think that they are undervalued ?

Opinions ?
Title: Re: Bonin - Theissen BRX
Post by: marka. on December 01, 2005, 10:31:06 pm
Hello everyone,

I've not posted in some time.  I have missed this forum, so much so, I cannot locate the high/lows for BRX so I will post it here.

BTW, great work on the new forum, loads much quicker and easier to read and follow compared to before.  More great work Paul.

Found today BRX3519992 B/T  pretty close to the last BRX note printed.

It's about a VF, nice and clean, no writing, good corners, one centre fold and other minor creases and crinkles.  Anyone interested in it, send me your offer.