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Title: A couple notes I have
Post by: Sonicwolf on August 21, 2006, 03:37:51 am
Im not sure if these would be errors or not.
The first bill Im curious about is a Crow-Bouey Multicoloured $1 Bill ECN6281329
The Signature of Bouey's is very much darker and less defined then normal. Looks like lots more ink applied then usual, Like its slightly smudged - Ill post a picture momentarily.

The other bill im curious about it is a Lawson-Bouey Multicoloured $2 Bill RC5496700
The back of the bill has these small ink splats the same colour as the light green swirls below the DEUX and above the TWO. The ink splats are just near the DEUX in the upper left corner of the bill.
Also, Would 26 planchetes be considered more then normal?

Pictures will also be posted momentarily.
And now it wont refresh my posts and allow me too edit  >:(


Thats the bouey difference. Sadly its bad resolution. In my own observations it seems that all of the black tones in that area are much darker then the other 1$ bills

After more boservations of OTHER bills I have found some under the UV light oddities as well. I already posted about one Oddity.
It was a Knight-Dodge Birds $20 AYC5583595. It looks normal under plain ordinary light but when you turn on the UV, There is splats of light green... Something... I cant really explain it. The I decided to check some of my other Multicoloured $1's and I found a similar thing. The bill is Lawson-Bouey ALC0473326 . Ill post another pic soon.



Title: Re: A couple notes I have
Post by: BWJM on August 21, 2006, 09:38:49 am
Are you able to email me a much higher-res scan of that $1 suspect note?
Title: Re: A couple notes I have
Post by: BWJM on August 21, 2006, 04:10:40 pm
The invisible smudge or the hard pressed Bouey sig?
Both just look perfectley normal without the UV
The top signature that you show above.