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Title: Who is printing the EYF?
Post by: Martin on October 07, 2004, 09:37:59 pm
I've just got and EYF with plate numbers from BABN

F/P: 97
B/P: 79

and it's seems I'm not the only one.
Hi Everybody !!!

 Just to tell that I've seen prefix EYF in Montreal sunday september 12th.

Serial Number : EYF 1679095

Signature : Knight/Dodge

Front plate number : 73
Back plate number : 93

Hmmmm... a banknote printed by CBN (As assumed by lette E in the prefix'' but with plate numbers usually used by ...BABN :o :o

by the way the bill was authentic...

My bill is also authentic, look at the scan below

BTW this is not a photoshop scam like some people did lately on this forum...

Do all the EYF have the plate numbers from BABN?
Title: Re: Who is printing the EYF?
Post by: jonathan on October 07, 2004, 09:59:19 pm
EYF 0307267
The newest low for the EYF prefix, obtained from Bank of Montreal in St. John's, NL very recently.
Signatures are still Knight/Dodge.
FP#: 76
BP#: 86 or 88  (almost unclear)
It has few wrinkles, so I may be exchanging that $20 for one of the new ones next week!  
Bye 4 Now, Jonathan  

???I'm kinda "perplexed" that this is a rare prefix, having BABN plate numbers...

By the way, I did exchange it for one of the Journey's. ;D