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1   The Trading Post / notes for sale

on June 07, 2023, 07:39:56 pm

Started by Cbeaulieu - Last post by Cbeaulieu

This the notes:
20$ polymer FVP5005055  ch/sig  unc
10$ polymer FFE0014107  ch/sig  unc
10$ polymer FFJ prefix I have 46 in sequence
50$ polymer GMN9394891-9672682-8149974-8214836 ch/sig unc
10$ polymer FFK8778468-9524997 ch/sig unc
50$ polymer GHD4669498 ch/sig vf (hard to find)Mc-Car

5$ journey serie HPA8983183 ch/sig  unc
5$ journey serie HNH9644216 replacement unc ( variety with 2 stars)
5$ journey serie HAB3250523 replacement unc  (radar)
20$ journey serie EYI8692424 replacement unc

10$ bird serie BDH0567480 ch/sig unc(thie-cr)
100$ bird serie AJX3211890 AU (short range)

About the circulated notes below they are all at face value before I'll return it to the bank next week:

100$ bird serie AJZ3113893 hidden back plate
100$ bird serie AJZ9138091 clear back plate

20$ journey serie EYI,EYG prefix in AU condition(I have 15 of those)
100$ journey serie BJZ8179370 incomplete prefix
100$      "        ''    EJB7027843-7404144-7694504-8411120 incomplete prefix
100$      ''        ''    BKG2679388 ch/year 2003
100$      ''        ''    EJZ6832443-1332936-0080036  last prefix
100$      ''        ''    EJN9902729 replacement
100$      ''       ''     EJE4730070 replacement
100$      ''       ''     BKE2802718 replacement
20$        ''       ''     EZA9406220 replacement

5$ polymer  INB1889881 radar
5$     ''        INC7775575-HCZ9900090 funny number
5$     ''        INK9676515 ch/sig
10$    ''       FFK5504055-FFK1456541-FTZ8690968-FFC1282821 radar
50$    ''       AHS2064602-AHU6416146-GMA5140415  radar
50$    ''       FMT1933475-AHS1210401-AHZ9350835-AHZ9353780-AHS0165259 all replacement
50$   ''        GHD9110744 ch/sig
50$    ''       GME4442089 ch/sig
50$    ''       AMG0427423-AMG0551433 incomplete prefix

You can send me your offer.I only ask 3$ for regular shipping.
Thank you.

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

June 7th find:

Sometimes, you find notes that you completely forgot about.  This happened to me today when I rediscovered this Birds $2 note in my collection.

It has the infamous “pink stamp of death” from the 1980s…and it is remarkably clear after all these years.

I remember receiving this note from my mom in the 1980s…She kept it because she thought the stamp was cool.

Here is what I see:

03902 001
Bank of Montreal
Yonge & Queen

The date is a bit harder to read…If anybody can help me to figure it out, I’d really appreciate it!


Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

Bumping this post...

Still looking for FDC, FDS and VV series 1971 $10s.


4   General Forum Comments / Re: Summary of Notes entered by me

on June 04, 2023, 09:06:21 pm

Started by micro5 - Last post by micro5

I have entered 100$ notes but they went in the 50$ notes.

Started by kid_kc79 - Last post by walktothewater

My favourite place to buy currency sleeves (& supplies) is at shows. I don't attend very many any more but when I do, I really like having the opportunity to discuss the type of sleeves (different brands) the dealer uses (or may recommend), + pages, binders, etc. I like to inspect them (just like I prefer to buy a catalogue in hand vs online).  They're always priced well & it's nice to skip the added postage.   I also like to take home something & often don't find banknotes at shows.  (The same for a LCS that's nearby).

6   Show and Tell / Re: Dean’s finds

on June 01, 2023, 12:48:11 am

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

May 31st finds:

Today, my bank had a few paper notes for me.  Nothing special here, but sometimes you have to take what’s there to keep the connection alive.


Started by kid_kc79 - Last post by alvin5454

i get all mine at j and M. 604 876 8171 ask for Hamant.
ask him for the ones with the square corners and small lip. this important. they omes in several sizes.  be specific
.tell hamant i sent you.

cheers, al

p.s. anyone can do this.

8   Show and Tell / Re: Dean’s finds

on May 29, 2023, 07:19:59 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

May 29th finds:

$100s anyone? (and another multicolour $50 thrown in for good measure).

One of my regular banks had three $100 notes and a multicolour $50 waiting for me today.



Started by jay4e - Last post by jay4e

Canadian Tire Money has been morphed to "electronic CT money" officially on March 10th of 2023.  The Canadian Tire Collectors Club (CTCC) received a communication stating CT money was discontinued as a health and safety precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In July 2020, redemption was back on so customers could continue to use their Paper ‘Money’ in stores; however, issuance remained off.

The Corporation printed 5186 one hundred dollar notes in 2022 and around 1,000 have been issued through different promotions throughout the country since July of 2022.  Not all people that received one are collectors, so they redeem them at the stores.  If you are really lucky and have a good relationship with a CT store, they can save one for you. The lowest I have seen so far is 202200296 and the highest I have seen is 202205101.

The Corporation also printed 2,000 one dollar notes with an identical design to the $100.00 notes, just a slight different color scheme.  They were numbered from 202200001 to 202202000. The first five hundred were kept by the Corporation for internal VIPs.  The rest was shipped to the CTCC for distribution to its members which was done in April of 2023.  These notes are only available through the CTCC.  The remaining one dollar notes will be given to future members that join the Club.

Started by missinglink3 - Last post by missinglink3

Hi all,  looking for the banknotes in the title in CUmc or better.  Need 2 of each
Pictures and prices In private please.
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