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1   Canadian Coins / Re: Coins picked from circulation

on Today at 12:23:18 am

Started by Dean - Last post by Fenian

Visited 5 banks, spent two hours total in line and got 1 roll. I also got mine from the main RBC branch here. The very last roll they had.

2   Canadian Coins / Re: Coins picked from circulation

on August 05, 2020, 04:38:25 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

Today, picked up the new 2020 Bill Reid, Circulating $2 Coloured Coin, from my local RBC Bank Branch.  It is gorgeous!!!

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new toonie to commemorate the legacy of Haida artist Bill Reid, more than 20 years after his death.

The new $2 coin, which marks 100 years since Reid's birth, enters circulation Tuesday.

"The mint is delighted to add the story of Bill Reid's pivotal role in raising awareness of Haida art, and the traditions and culture it represents to the long list of circulation coins celebrating what makes us proud to be Canadian," said Marie Lemay, president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint in a written statement.

I want a roll, but none of my local banks have them...  :(

3   Canadian Coins / Re: Coins picked from circulation

on August 05, 2020, 04:35:45 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

Hi everyone,

Over the course of the quarantine, I have completed a massive coin roll hunt that consisted of 10 boxes of nickels and two boxes of dimes.

Here are my results:

40, 41, 49,
(1953 x 4) 56, 59.
(1960 x 2) (61x4) (62 x 3) (63 x 4) (64 x 7) (65 x 13) (66 x2) (67 x 7) (68x7) (69 x4)
(1970-1979 x 174)
(1980-1981 x 67)
(1982-1989 x 312)
(1990-1999 x 371) **1991 only TWO coins found out of 10 boxes and 1992 x24)
2000 no "P" x 33
2000 "P" x 4
2001 no "P" x 14
2001 "P" *Only ONE found!
2005 "V" nickel x 63
2017 Sesquicentennial x 80

Others & foreign:  USA x 152 *includes 1947P, 1955P, 1956P, 1957P 2009P
Barbados 2000 5 cents
Jamaica 2017 $5
3 x Canadian 10 cents (in nickel rolls!)

Silver:  1967, 1968

1968 Nickel Alloy x 8
1969 x 2
1970-81 x 41
1982-89 x 57
1990-99 x 59 *Includes 14 x 1992 and  ONLY TWO x 1991!
2000 no "P" x 1
2017 Sesquicentennial x 13

That's the latest...For now!
It's getting to be more inconvenient going to the bank and lining up for change.  I will try to keep doing this but I may have to do smaller quantities of coins.

Happy Hunting!

Started by coinsplus - Last post by AJG

I am thinking that, due to COVID-19, plus a tough economy as of lately, the new $5 bill may not come until 2023 or so.  It's interesting to note that the Federal Government was supposed to deliver its 2020-21 budget on March 30, but we still have no new date set for delivering the budget due to COVID-19 and a rapidly growing deficit for Canada which could top one trillion dollars by the time 2021 rolls around.  I know my province is expecting to deliver its provincial budget later in September, but I think there is a correlation between a very late delivery of a budget and public service layoffs in any government.

I also think that, if the Queen retires or passes away, a non-royal figure may appear in her place, unless there is a law that requires a royal figure on our $20 bill, in which case the current Prince Charles may take over.  If the $10 bill gets retired due to many, many years of low demand and nearly every bank in Canada discontinues ordering them, I can see Viola Desmond appearing on the $20 after the Queen retires or passes away, assuming there is no law requiring royal figures to appear on our $20 bill.  $10 bills do not seem to get ordered very much anymore (if they get ordered, it's very, very small quantities), and although the number of $10 bills in circulation is increasing, it is only in tiny increments, and with that said, I think the tiny increases in $10 bills in Canada is due to people hoarding $10 bills in case they get retired someday and will be treated as collectors' items down the road.

Started by coinsplus - Last post by AJG

There doesn't seem to be a shortage of $50 bills in Newfoundland - at least, closer to where I live.  I went to an ATM yesterday afternoon, and I took money out of the newer Scotiabank ATM, and it did dispense $50 bills (I received a couple, along with a $100 bill, which was the default option).  So there seems to be no shortage of $50s and $100s to report in my province.

I am thinking the shortage and hoarding of larger denominations may only prevail in major provinces like Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, and maybe it is due to lockdowns in many of those provinces.  Maybe not so much in Atlantic Canada, and by definition of lockdown, it didn't prevail in my province.  Makes sense, since Newfoundland had very few cases (fewer than 300 at this time), and last I read, there are four active cases, all in the lower-populated central region, and none in the Avalon region which is the highest populated region.

6   Special Serial Number Notes / Re: Radar

on August 04, 2020, 07:48:16 am

Started by Archey80 - Last post by walktothewater

First day of the month was lucky got this in Choice Unc
-Beauty! Lucky you!

7   General Forum Comments / Re: CPMS forums are back!!!

on August 04, 2020, 07:43:47 am

Started by Seth - Last post by walktothewater

Yes, the site was down for about a few months in 2018 (I believe) while a new administrator was found.  New platform & new "The Notes" tab (section) you may want to explore.  It appears as if the 2017 Commemorative $10 section of the SNDB has somehow disappeared but other than - all back to the new "normal."

8   General Forum Comments / Re: CPMS forums are back!!!

on August 04, 2020, 07:20:41 am

Started by Seth - Last post by JohnnyG5

Yippee! One part of our lives is back to normal. Thank you!!!

9   General Forum Comments / Re: CPMS forums are back!!!

on August 03, 2020, 10:45:37 pm

Started by Seth - Last post by comox

Wow, I decided for a lark to click on this bookmark, and lo and behold. The site is back up and running. I have always enjoyed coming on here and getting educated about this hobby. So glad to be back. :) :) Of course, now it will take me a week to catch up on all the entries.

10   Serial Number Database / $10 Comm section not showing up in SNDB

on August 01, 2020, 01:40:45 pm

Started by robb4640 - Last post by robb4640

If anyone knows the admin, can you let them know the $10 Comm section is not showing any notes in SNDB.  I sent message but not sure when they check or how often.
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