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21   Charlton Updates and Registry Finds / GPM 34th typos and corrections

on November 19, 2022, 10:18:23 am

Started by regent - Last post by regent

See the attachments for the corrections

22   General Forum Comments / Re: "Unfit Notes" BoC Poster

on November 18, 2022, 11:23:54 pm

Started by Canadian Bill - Last post by AJG

I now have even more reason not to buy this "MacDonald's likeness" theory as to why the 2013 $10s are being withdrawn.  The reason is that his likeness is on the 2017 commemorative issue which is still in circulation (at least in Atlantic Canada).  And I agree with one poster that there have been new 2013 issue $10 notes released as recently as last year, and I believe I was one of the users who got my hands on some new 2013 issue $10 notes as early as around April 2021 (mainly FTVs).  The 2013 issue $10s that exist in my province (and likely the rest of Atlantic Canada) are still in pretty good condition, but I have a feeling that, unless some banks in my province start releasing the Macklem/Poloz signature $10s from any outstanding stockpiles, there could be Desmond $10s finally seeing the light of day in my province in a few years' time - but far fewer $10 notes as opposed to 20 years ago.  I don't know if the Scotiabank branch I deal with will have them - I certainly hope the rumour I heard six months ago isn't true.

23   The Trading Post / Looking for these notes in AU-Unc or better

on November 18, 2022, 02:38:19 pm

Started by missinglink3 - Last post by missinglink3

Hi all, I'm looking for these notes:

1991 $20

Replacement AWE (below 160000)
Replacement AWH (below 100000)

2004 $20




2004 $50
AHJ -2230530

PM me your prices and grades


24   General Forum Comments / Re: "Unfit Notes" BoC Poster

on November 17, 2022, 10:17:12 pm

Started by Canadian Bill - Last post by Canadian Bill

I'm wondering about the 'theory' that $10 MacDonald notes are being 'removed' from circulation because of who is depicted on the note when the majority seem to be in such poor condition... and there is a circulating alternative for the ten being the new Desmonds.  There isn't option for other notes like the 5 where they just keep issuing new.  Perhaps we should all be asking ... when is the current 'stock' of signatures the BoC going to run out and they need to start issuing Rogers????

Started by Just Bank Notes - Last post by Just Bank Notes

Hello CPMF,

Here is my final “first day cover”.  It is the Journey $50 bank note issued on November 17 2004.

This dedicated effort to obtain BOC receiving stamps on Journey bank notes spanned four years from 2001 to 2005.  It only missed the final Journey note, an upgraded $5 released in November 2006.


26   Show and Tell / Re: Dean’s finds

on November 16, 2022, 05:42:18 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

November 16th finds:

I stopped by one of my regular branches today and my teller contact said “I have some hundreds for you; they were brought in by an older gentleman on Monday.”

She let me look through twenty $100 notes, all birds series.

Nothing special in the pile, but I pulled out the three nicest ones…just because.

I hope that there are lots of older gentlemen who continue to cash in their old money; you never know what might come in next!

Enjoy the pic!


27   General Forum Comments / Re: "Unfit Notes" BoC Poster

on November 16, 2022, 10:17:37 am

Started by Canadian Bill - Last post by AJG

I am not sure if it's true, but I did hear rumor from a teller at a Scotiabank branch near where I live back in May that they don't have $10 bills anymore, as I heard a customer asked for $10s and the cash dispenser spewed $20s instead.  The customer corrected the teller and told her she wanted $10s, but the teller may have said "we don't have tens anymore."  the real peculiar thing is, I went to that very same branch one week before, and the cash dispenser did spew a $10 (I asked for it).  So I am thinking the BoC's article was likely updated by mid-May, and the MacDonald $10s are now being withdrawn.

Maybe, if $10 notes with MacDonald on them are being recalled, they're not being replaced in my province - implying that demand in Newfoundland and Labrador is now zero, and there is no need to have them in the province any longer.

So I am thinking that, when $10 bills are being deposited in banks, they're sending them back, and permanently discontinuing ordering them due to zero demand - for my province, that is.  I still see plenty of $10s at my local Sobeys supermarket, but most of them are the MacDonald variety - it seems like, unlike the rest of Canada, there has been heavy exposure of MacDonald tens in my province, or maybe Atlantic Canada in general.

If this "permanently discontinued ordering them" rumor is true, then I bet that, by next spring or summer, $10 bills will become scarce like the long-defunct 50¢ coin was.  I think the possible zero demand in my province was likely driven by mass inflation this year.

I don't buy the MacDonald's likeness issue being the reason for withdrawing the Frontiers issue $10 note, as the BoC confirmed that he will appear on one of the two largest denominations of banknotes in the future.  But I bet, whatever denomination he appears on next will likely see a significant drop in the number in circulation because many Canadians of all generations have disparaged him based on his past policies and practices.

Considering the train theme on the back of the Frontiers $10, it's possible that the $10 bill in my province (and maybe most of Atlantic Canada) may soon literally reach the end of the line.

28   Show and Tell / Re: Dean’s finds

on November 14, 2022, 08:26:03 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

November 14th banknote finds:

29   Show and Tell / Re: Dean’s finds

on November 14, 2022, 08:21:01 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

November 14 coin hoard purchase and bank finds too!

I recently purchased 611 King George V pennies and 260 George V nickels from a man who said that the coins had “been in coffee cans since the 50s”.  The seller told me that his grandparents used to give him coins and that he used to earn extra pocket money by mowing lawns.

A cursory glance through the coins reveals that most of the pennies are dated 1920, 1921 and 1927.
The nickels range in dates, with the most common at a glance being 1931, 1932 and 1936.  I did pull out a nice 1929 and 1935 from the bag, but most of the nickels are in VG-F condition, with some maybe being VF.

There are four paper wrapped rolls of pennies in this lot; two rolls labelled 1920 and two rolls dared 1927.
A glance at the loose pennies in the bag shows that many are from 1920, 1921, and 1927.  So I take the seller’s assertion that the coins were “un searched” with a hefty grain of salt.

I stopped at one of my local banks today and picked up the following notes from my friendly teller contact:

One US $2
One journey $5
One journey $20
Two journey $50s
Two journey $100s
Two multicolour $50s
One multicolour $100
Two birds $20s
One 1979 $20

And to top it off, I took out $100 in tens from the bank machine and five of them were 2017 commemorative notes!
Enjoy the pictures!

30   Show and Tell / Re: Banknotes with a yours here too!

on November 14, 2022, 12:11:10 am

Started by Dean - Last post by Canadian Bill

I found this written on a note today.  Feels weird to just toss it back into circulation so gonna register it on

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