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51   What's It Worth? / Re: Solid numbers on 1954 and 1937...

on March 21, 2022, 04:10:25 pm

Started by kasper001 - Last post by kid_kc79

Please let me know if you decide to sell them as I would be very interested in most of these.

Thank you

Started by Rupiah - Last post by Dean

Another thing I'd like to bring up: with massive inflation in recent weeks due primarily to COVID-19 transitioning to endemic, and the world's economy reopening simultaneously, along with the war in Ukraine, could we possibly see a surge of $10 bills in the coming weeks or months?

When I use cash, I always try to take $10 notes and I use them whenever I can.

Started by Rupiah - Last post by AJG

Well, now that i think about it, I realize that the BoC wants to keep the $10 bill in circulation.  There would be financial disadvantages if the BoC retired the $10 bill - there would be no immediate impact, but there would be an impact when prices go up and the cost of, say, a single serving soft drink, candy bar, or bag of chips costs greater than $5 including taxes.  The demise of the $10 bill would eventually lead to the number of $5 bills in circulation more than tripling, which means a lot more money would be spent on printing millions and millions of additional $5 bills, which in turn could be a major financial impact for the Bank of Canada.

I did learn from a retired RBC employee many years ago that $10 bills are not ordered by many banks because most customers do not want them.  If it were their choice, they would rather $5s and not $10s.  I don't know if the mass refusal of $10 bills by customers is linked to Sir John A. MacDonald's likeness, and that Prime Minister did a lot of things that were deemed controversial.  Whatever denomination of new banknote has MacDonald's likeness on it, if the number of bills of that denomination goes down sharply, the reason will be pretty clear..

Newfoundland and Labrador, where I live, has not seen very many of the Desmond $10s to date (most of the circulating $10s in my province are of the 2013 and some of the 2017 commemorative series - but the Desmond $10s are so rare at this point.  I do know there was a large number of 2013 $10s with prefix FTV in spring last year, and last fall there were some FTTs.  This implies the banks that have $10s likely have stockpiles of $10s that they had a hard time going through (I have yet to see any new $10s with the Macklem/Poloz signatures) and the way things are going, the inventories of $10s may not be depleted until much later this decade.

54   What's It Worth? / Re: Solid numbers on 1954 and 1937...

on March 20, 2022, 09:55:09 am

Started by kasper001 - Last post by kasper001

Thank you!  I live in the States and had no idea what these notes might bring if I decide to sell them.  Thank you!

55   What's It Worth? / Re: Solid numbers on 1954 and 1937...

on March 19, 2022, 09:38:18 pm

Started by kasper001 - Last post by Fenian

From the latest catalog:

The 2 1954 $2 AU-58 $1000 each
1954 $2 Fine note $300
1937 $10 note $1500 but very rare so difficult to tell, especially with a desirable all 7s note
1954 VF note $480

I would advise looking through recent auction results as well. Icollector and the Canadian Coin and Currency auction site's sold listings are a good place to start.

56   What's It Worth? / Solid numbers on 1954 and 1937...

on March 19, 2022, 12:49:33 pm

Started by kasper001 - Last post by kasper001

Just wondering what any of these 5 notes might be worth... 
Appreciate your help...

57   Shows and Events / IBNS Ontario Chapter

on March 19, 2022, 11:05:45 am

Started by Rag Picker - Last post by Rag Picker

A new Chapter of the International Banknote Society has recently been formed in association with the Waterloo Coin Society.  This is exciting news for many reasons one of which is that B.C. is the only other Canadian Province with a Chapter.

Its first meeting was held on March 17 open to all chapter members and interested collectors.
Further meetings will be conducted monthly on Zoom and additional details are in the attached file below.

58   General Forum Comments / Re: IBNS Ontario Chapter

on March 18, 2022, 03:55:00 pm

Started by BWJM - Last post by kid_kc79

Great meeting last night, thank you very much to the presenters and organizers. Looking forward to the next one.

59   Show and Tell / Re: Dean’s finds

on March 18, 2022, 03:00:25 pm

Started by Dean - Last post by Dean

March 18th finds:

A slow day at the bank today…A friendly teller gave me one lonely journey $5, but you should never turn down notes from a new contact.

The numbers are a bit smudged, but not enough to matter.


Started by Just Bank Notes - Last post by slackjack

Absolutely beautyful!!!! ???
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