Topic: Certificates accompany graded notes?  (Read 5895 times)
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So I was looking at notes that were all graded by the same company, which went as follows, Unc, Cunc and Gem. As I was starring at these notes for a good amount of time I started to think to myself that ALL the notes looked the same and if I was told the Unc was a Gem their was no way I could tell you otherwise. Do you think at some point in time we might see certificates accompany graded notes? It would have to stay simple or we face a big increase in grading fees but what if it went along these lines?

Grade XXX
1 Demerit point; Front top right corner has slight bend.
2 Demerit points; Front botton Right has small cutting cup
3 Demerit points

And list the items (or comments) of what the grader saw and if you wanted to confirm the graders comments you simply cut the note out of the holder.

Does anybody think this could eventually happen?


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There certainly is room on the back of the holder to put this kind of information. The information could also be put on their website. I personally think that this would be very useful since many "demerits" are not visible when the note is inside of the TPG holder. These listings would give much more confidence in the grade to the owner of the note. However, I doubt that the TPG's will ever do this.

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