Topic: 1974 1000 Yugoslavian Dinara Note - Is this valid anywhere?  (Read 4358 times)
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just looking for a little bit of help, i am curious if a 1974 1000 note is worth anything at all anymore. i am not too familiar with the economic history specifically of this region, i only know that with the consistent troubles and leadership/philosophy changes that this area underwent, they must have gone through numerous money issues as well.

a little bit of research showed they basically re-did their money several times (to put it very simply), but are the notes of this time period worth anything internationally, will any banks buy these bills back? i tried a couple currency exchange sites, and on for example, it says 1000 = 14.74 cdn.. then i check ebay and a guy has a 150,000 dinara go unsold. i checked around, and these were 1988 bills, i go to and see that in their converter, 150,000 yugoslavian dinar = roughly 2,200 cdn$....

i'm confused :( ??? :-X

thank you for shedding any light on this ...

also, i am very new to all of this, so if it is a very easy answer, forgive me  :o
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Yugoslavia went through several periods of high inflation and hyperinflation in 1970-1990s. The dinar was redenominated several times. Considering that, the banks will not buy the obsolete notes back. The note you have may be worth a couple of dollars in UNC condition. There is a set of three 1000 dinar notes being sold on eBay, with the starting price of under $1. Search for "1000 dinar yugoslavia 1978".

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