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« on: December 31, 2003, 03:05:22 am »

I have a 2001 $5 note with the serial number HNF4400083. I cannot find this series in the 16th Charlton Standard Cataloge. It just seems to list the note with various serial numbers all starting with A. Can someone set me straight.
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HNF is a very recently-discovered (read: newly-issued) prefix that is not yet in the Charlton guide.

So far, prefixes for BC-62 include:
BC-62a: ANV-ANZ, AOA-AOF (apparently stalled for now)
BC-62aT: JHS
BC-62a-i: HNC-HNM (so far, still in-issue)

Yes, there ARE some test notes of this series... JHS.  These were confirmed by the Bank of Canada I think in one of the CPMS newsletters, but I don't have them handy to check.

Look for most of this information in the upcoming 17th Edition of the Charlton guide.
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