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With the 2 recent “Hoards” disclosed for the *N/Y it seemed to make sense to build a registry in order to try and see how rare this note truly is. It was once considered a difficult task to find one of these in Unc condition but with the recent posts here on the site we now know that a total of 16 Unc/C.Unc notes are out there.

The registry can be viewed here
The first “Hoard” of notes was posted here on the site on May 24th 2010. Although the original poster deleted his information it was already saved and the following notes are now known to exist in Unc condition.

These are the notes that were disclosed in the thread before they were deleted.
*N/Y 0724823
*N/Y 0724824
*N/Y 0724825
*N/Y 0724826

No more than a month later on June 6, 2010 we saw another post inquiring about the value of a 12 note consecutive run. The first 4 notes of the run were sent to BCS  where they received a grade of C.Unc 64 so we could expect much of the same with the remaining 8 notes.

These are the notes that were disclosed in the thread.
*N/Y 0686135
*N/Y 0686136
*N/Y 0686137
*N/Y 0686138
*N/Y 0686139
*N/Y 0686140
*N/Y 0686141
*N/Y 0686142
*N/Y 0686143
*N/Y 0686144
*N/Y 0686145
*N/Y 0686146

Below are the last 3 Book Values published in Charlton
2009   Unc $1,000   C.Unc $1,200   G.Unc $1,500
2010   Unc $900   C.Unc $1,100   G.Unc $1,300
2011   Unc $900   C.Unc $1,100   G.Unc $1,300

Now the one thing to consider is that the *N/Y current book values do not take into account the 16 new previously unknown Unc notes. Now that these notes are known we can only speculate the affects on future values of this note.

If you have or know of an *N/Y note that isn’t in the registry and you would like to contribute please post the information in this thread of feel free to contact me directly.


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