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« on: July 01, 2010, 04:52:30 pm »

In the GPM23, it lists quantities printed for almost all note issues. In particular, the multicoloured series has these totals broken down for "2-digit prefixes", "3-digit prefixes", as well as the various changeover, test and replacement notes.

At first glance, one might think that (for example) there were 178,800,000 $2 notes printed with Crow/Bouey signatures and having a three-letter prefix. While this is literally true for all common notes, that total also includes the changeover prefix of ARE that is listed on the following line. But it does not include the replacement prefix ABX that has a separate catalogue number.

When looking at the quantity printed values, please keep the above information in mind.

This is not a typo in the GPM23 (or earlier catalogues) and is not expected to change in future editions.

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It's useful to differentiate between the number of notes printed and the number of notes issued.  Of the 178,800,000 $2 notes printed with Crow/Bouey signatures, a few were replaced by replacements.  So the total number of notes issued includes the replacements IF we believe that for every replacement note created, there is a non-replacement that was pulled and destroyed.  Otherwise, the actual number of notes issued could be anywhere up to the sum of replacement and non-replacement notes printed.

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