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ctc wonder
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« on: July 02, 2010, 11:15:53 pm »

I have found 117 coupons from the Lubritorium series.  I have some 2.5, 5 15 and 20 cent demoninations.  Most are in very good condition with only about 17 of them with visible folds. 

How can I find out what these are worth? 

I have tried looking at the regularly recommended sites, but I cant seem to make sense of them. 
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« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2010, 02:33:06 pm »

There are lots of varieties listed for this series with wide ranges of values. If you could get a listing of them, it would help in setting a value.

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ctc wonder
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« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2010, 03:18:17 pm »

I have a spreadsheet with some information on it.  but I can't seem to add it here?   So here is a snippet of information from it - does it help? 

Price        Serial number   colour band          back/grnd    saying             back colour
2.5+2.5   A   51025   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      black
2.5+2.5   A   135279   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      black
2.5+2.5   A   194457   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      black
2.5+2.5   A   200150   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      green
2.5+2.5   A   227731   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      green
2.5+2.5   A   465079   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      green
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« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2010, 05:57:55 pm »

You will need to provide conditions of the notes
Price        Serial number   colour band          back/grnd    saying             back colour
2.5+2.5   A   51025   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      black  $7-35 
2.5+2.5   A   135279   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      black  $5-25
2.5+2.5   A   194457   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      black $5-25
2.5+2.5   A   200150   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      green $2-10
2.5+2.5   A   227731   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      green $2-10
2.5+2.5   A   465079   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW      green $2-10
ctc wonder
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« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2010, 06:38:10 pm »

Thanks!  this really helps.  Most of the notes are in next to perfect condition (I dont think they have been used other than recieved) the ones that have visible (to me) marks are listed here   I'll add the whole list here

denom   serial number   colour band           backgrnd   back saying   back col   marks
2.5+2.5   A   51025   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   black   
2.5+2.5   A   135279   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   black   
2.5+2.5   A   194457   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   black   creased
2.5+2.5   A   200150   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   227731   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   465079   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   466319   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   creased
2.5+2.5   A   513398   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   583513   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   612041   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   creased and small tear
2.5+2.5   A   628421   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   629317   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   665034   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   668601   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   727982   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   729354   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   780328   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   783772   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   802578   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   832253   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   869487   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   936262   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   A   954796   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   C   683109   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   C   705805   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   11269   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   41200   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   59915   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   89935   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   89961   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   132450   green/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   214863   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   214981   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   229539   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   pen marks on front
2.5+2.5   D   269018   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   278422   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   314414   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   341647   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   
2.5+2.5   D   372924   green/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   green   
5+5   A   944277   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   67523   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   146302   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   purple   
5+5   B   171210   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   purple   
5+5   B   200600   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   280368   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   208665   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   301325   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   315118   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   328600   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   337170   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   346579   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   361469   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   361693   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   363338   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   navy blue   
5+5   B   373185   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   394100   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   394428   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   420246   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   502526   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   600518   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   77 in pen
5+5   B   605101   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   640867   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   725748   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   34 in pen
5+5   B   770560   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   774424   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   846625   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   878227   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   small rip
5+5   B   888511   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   B   890760   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   29363   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   114437   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   175315   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   178434   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   184140   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   184141   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   186978   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   creased
5+5   E   324517   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   344403   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   344421   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   347390   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   368081   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   386245   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   470388   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   474326   blue/olive/purple   gray   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   481802   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   509750   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   555650   blue/olive/purple   gray   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   610261   blue/olive/purple   gray   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   610392   blue/olive/purple   gray   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   E   636833   blue/green/purple   gray   WE PAY HALF!   royal blue   
5+5   E   702940   blue/green/purple   gray   WE PAY HALF!   royal blue   
5+5   E   730453   blue/olive/purple   gray   WE PAY HALF!   royal blue   
5+5   E   782673   blue/green/purple   gray   WE PAY HALF!   royal blue   
5+5   W   522939   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
5+5   W   530177   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue   
10+10   C   88620   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   88079   red/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   108016   red/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   red   creased
10+10   F   205656   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   271995   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   275350   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   295409   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   329221   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   370841   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   370842   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   385973   red/yellow/black   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   566654   red/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   F   580386   red/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   red   creased
10+10   F   613723   red/yellow/black   gray   DO YOU KNOW   red   
10+10   J   35520   red/yellow/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   red   
10+10   J   44625   red/yellow/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   red   
10+10   J   68550   red/yellow/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   red   
15+15   B   5795   yellow/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   gray   creased
15+15   B   39644   yellow/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   gray   
15+15   B   52963   yellow/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   gray   
15+15   B   65115   yellow/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   gray   
20+20   D   6097   pink/purple/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   pink   
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« Reply #5 on: July 04, 2010, 09:36:59 pm »

Hello ctc wonder,

These 4 are harder to find:
5+5   A   944277   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue
5+5   W   522939   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue
5+5   W   530177   blue/green/purple   yellow   DO YOU KNOW   royal blue
20+20   D   6097   pink/purple/black   gray   WE PAY HALF!   pink

All the others are fairly common.

The best information for all of these notes is found in the Bilodeau Guide to Canadian Tire money.
If you are interested to find out how to get yourself a Guide send me an email.


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