Topic: How about considering payment for bypassing the 15 post rule?  (Read 6192 times)
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This site is the premier location for Canadian Paper Money collectors, -- i've been a member of CCNS since 2002 and browsing this site since it's infancy -- I appreciate that 'common collectors' with time on their hands would easily get to 15 posts, but there are many persons who would pay for the  privelige to list on the trading post without the need to find time for 15 posts..

Consider this a friendly suggestion. Thanks.
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Another user recently arrived here to the forums and was similarly inconvenienced by this rule. You can read about his story here:

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fairly reasonable guy. On one of the newsletters that I help publish, our copyright policy is such that if you ask to reuse something, we'll generally let you. But if you reuse something and don't ask, we get mad. Moral of the story: just ask. Similarly here on the forums I can be reasonable too. Instead of whining and complaining about rules and making a bunch of useless posts in an effort to skirt past the rule you so dislike, asking me about what we can do might get you so much further.

While this site always welcomes any donations to help cover the modest operating costs and say thanks to those who made this site what it is today, I'm not going to get into the business of charging people to post. That is a very slippery slope that I quite simply don't want to go near.

I'll leave you with this suggestion: Send me a PM, tell me a little bit about yourself including a few references and we'll see what sort of reasonable solution we can come up with. OK?

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