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« on: November 27, 2004, 09:54:03 pm »

EHX 0420000 - 0859999 were 1975 notes signed by Crow Bouey.
EHX 0881403 - 1630686 were 1988 notes signed by Theissen Crow
EHX 1700000 - 2159999 were 1975 notes signed by Crow Bouey
EHX 2208332 - 4119999 were 1988 notes signed by Theissen Crow

So what was the reason for this Cha-Cha?

EHX 0000001 - 0372226 were 1975 notes signed by Lawson Bouey.  
Relative to the size of the other runs this run of just under 400000 notes wasn't particularly small, yet these notes carry a higher value.  My hypothesis is that when the BofC started releasing "X" replacement notes, that no one knew about them to stash them away.  Is the the reason that Lawson Bouey EHX $50's and Lawson Bouey AJX $100's are more valuable. Indeed the Lawson Bouey AAX and EAX $1 notes are scarcer than their Crow Bouey counterparts, and the Lawson Bouey EDX $10 notes are similarly prized as compared to their Crow Bouey and Thiessen Crow bretheren.  I think my theory loses ground when one notices that it is the Crow Bouey ABX $2 notes that are scarcer than the Lawson Boey one, breaking the pattern above.

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