If you could collect only ONE type of banknote, what would it be?

Only collect a specific series
19 (27.1%)
Only collect replacement notes
15 (21.4%)
Only collect changeovers
1 (1.4%)
Only collect special number notes
15 (21.4%)
Only collect error notes
9 (12.9%)
Only collect prefixes
1 (1.4%)
Only collect signature varieties
5 (7.1%)
Only collect Test notes
1 (1.4%)
Give up collecting :(
4 (5.7%)

Total Members Voted: 3

Topic: If you read this..You must vote :) What type of banknote would you collect ?  (Read 14201 times)
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As I collect notes depicting tallships and not any of the listed options.
I guess I would give up collecting.  :(

I collect banknotes depicting Tallships. And to a lesser degree, all watercrafts.
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Sorry for being so late....

If I had a choice.... I'd only collect ERROR notes. Why? Not all error notes are the same, there are so many varieties out there that are known and unknown. That's what makes it fun to go online, go to local shows, and come onto forums, such as this one, and see the amazing specimens that exists.

Its always fun to pull them out and look at it and just imagine how something like that could have come to exist and how it managed to fall into your lucky hands. The WOW factor and the rarity of these are also factors that makes Error collecting fun and exciting.

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If I had to chose only one type it would likely be replacements of all series

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