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Good evening;

Some background first.
I work at a bank and around 2002 was made aware of the concept of radar notes and replacement notes. I had the opportunity to break down bricks for about a year and was able to pull replacements and the radars towards the end of the bird series and the beginning of the Journey series. Almost all $5's, few $10's.

The reason for my post is to ask if someone doing research maintains a "suspected, but unconfirmed" list for replacements. The majority of the notes I pulled are now listed in the Charlton guide however a few are not. I have searched around the forum and realize many of the unconfirmed notes may stay that way forever [I guess a person just has to keep them and hope the freedom of information act allows someone to get the info from the BofC], however that I thought would ask so at least if there is some else out there with suspected notes I would have some comfort they should be kept.

I wish I kept notes to at least show the bundles they all came from to assist with the research, but unfortunately did not.   Any information would be appreciated. Thanks all
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I would encourage you to contact Mr. Gilles Pomerleau in Quebec with whatever information you have. Gilles tracks information about replacement notes from brick searchers across the country and cross-references it to ultimately produce the replacement ranges that appear in the Charlton guide today.

Gilles' phone number is (819) 878-3517. You can find his mailing address and a little more information in this post:

Funneling your information through Gilles is the best way to make sure it gets into the right hands for the better of the hobby. Thanks!
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Welcome to the Forum Barracudabarb.  Was good talking with you outside of the forum a few days ago.

Were you able to find out any information from Gilles?
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