Topic: Canadian Tire releases a new series of coupons!  (Read 4962 times)
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« on: June 05, 2011, 09:31:06 am »

On June 2nd 2011, a new series of coupons started appearing at the CTC stores and gas bars.  It will be the CTC S31 series. The basic design is identical to the previous series and the serial numbers continue on where the last series left off.  It does however have new signatures; Marco Marrone, CFO and Stephen Wetmore, CEO and the plate date is 2011. This is the first note to sport the signature of Marco Marrone replacing Stanley Pasternak, who retired this year.

The last series of dimes had Stanley Pasternak and Tom Gauld signatures and had a 2008 plate date.

The first denomination to be released is the dime. We are looking forward to the other 5 denominations to be released as soon as present stock is used up. Replacement notes presently being used for these dimes, are from the last series and I am sure that they will eventually print up new ones when they have exhausted these.

Here is a picture of this new dime:
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Thanks for the update, Jerome!

Lots of new notes are coming out this spring, whether they be Canadian Tire or Bank of Canada!

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