Topic: error note followed by two replacement notes  (Read 1826 times)
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I completely forgot about this one that was found over 2 years ago.
The note was followed by 2 insert/replacement notes which are now confirmed in the 23rd edition of the CGPM catalogue.
The note was sent to the Bank of Canada and then sent to the production department. The reply was :

Good afternoon Mike,
This is in response to your questions originating from your email inquiry dated 1 April 2009 and submission received 13 April 2009. 
The notes have been received and The Bank of Canada has concluded its investigation regarding the markings that you reported.  Concerning the blue ink streak across the front of the note, it may have been caused by the wiping solution in the intaglio process. In regards to the red streak on the face of the bank note, the printer determines the cause to be an internal check placed on some notes when they are to be removed by quality control.
As for the different front position and back position numbers found in a brick of notes, spoiled bank notes are removed and regular production notes, regardless of the serial number or position number, are used to complete a bank note order. 
Sorry for the delay in replying to your inquiry.
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Always looking for #1 serial number notes in any denomination/any series
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Nice find! I'd like to come across something that's visually dramatic like that. :)

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