Topic: 1986 $2 Birds BBP Registry  (Read 6172 times)
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The following is a registry of known 1986 $2 notes with prefix BBP.  This prefix is known to have both the "large B" and "small B" varieties.  
The purpose of this registry is to determine where the changeover point is, or if there are multiple points.  Please assist by posting your serial numbers to the appropriate thread.  Thanks!

Prefix°Serial°Variety°Last Seen
BBP°1414141°Large B°Private Collection (Gary_T)
BBP°2545320°Large B°Private Collection (freedomschoice)
BBP°3332593°Large B°CPMS Newsletter, Dec 1998
BBP°3444170°Large B°Private Collection (John_O)
BBP°3444171°Large B°Private Collection (John_O)
BBP°3959737°Small B°Private Collection (bluenoser)
BBP°3959738°Small B°Private Collection (bluenoser)
BBP°3959739°Small B°Private Collection (bluenoser)
BBP°4734450°Small B°CPMS Newsletter, Dec 1998
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