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« on: October 03, 2011, 10:33:12 am »

I am completely new to this game, but in going through my late father's collection he has a couple of bills that made be a bit excited.  If someone could let me know what kind of value I should put on them, I would greatly appreciate it as the family has decided to sell his collection for our mother.

First - we have a 1954 $1 bill - I do NOT believe it is a devils head (but actually wouldn't know one if it hit me over the head), it has very light fold marks and otherwise in beautiful shape.  What I find VERY interesting is the letters in front actually mirror themselves as well.  W/M6906096 (B-R)

The second is a $5 bill again 1954 with the serial no. K/X8862688 (B-R)

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
The notes you have here are known as radar notes, where the numbers read the same forwards and backwards. I do not have any reference material with me right now, but they would range in the $35-100+ range depending on condition. The better the condition, the more they are worth.

The serial numbers provided are not in the range of a Devil’s Face note. A devil’s face would look like the attached photo.


Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the outline on the devils head - I've tried to find it on examples but am a little challenged in that way!    I will try to scan it in (can't today) which will hopefully help show the condition.  It really is in very nice condition.  The folds that I mentioned are a "soft" fold, so it's not actually creased bad at all.

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