Topic: What happens if the polymer goes in the dryer?  (Read 3974 times)
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« on: November 17, 2011, 01:12:30 pm »

Anyone willing to sacrifice one of their own to find out.. of course 'by accident'
So we heard that they will wash ok.. what about a high temp dry? Will the note melt into a ball - would that still be accepted at the bank?
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« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 06:51:18 pm »

Huffington Post reports:

"Senior Bank of Canada officials say they're confident the new notes won't melt in the dryer or harden in the winter."

The article I linked YET AGAIN refers to Parliament Hill's East Block south tower as "The Peace Tower".  >:(
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« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2011, 12:53:16 am »

I recall some time ago Brent trying a regular note in a microwave oven, with disastrous results.

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« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2011, 08:15:47 am »

yeah, it crackled and sparked on the holographic strip and basically peeled it off the paper in about 25 pieces. Kinda cool, but I wasn't going to let it run another second or it may well have caught fire.

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« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2011, 08:51:43 am »

I just read in a coin forum that someone put their new polymer $100 in a microwave for 6 seconds and I quote, "Only the see through strip shrunk. the rest of the bill was still good. I thought maybe I would see lightning flashs from it, but nothing spectacular happened. Exchanged it at bank for a new one, the tellers had a laugh."

I just thought I would share so someone here wouldn't have to sacrifice theirs!  :)

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