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Rick, Rick, Rick   ::)

It's not what you say, but how you say it. You comments come off as inflamitory. Even YOU must admit you're not very subtle.

My addition of the CHOICE UNC was intended, as has already been pointed out to you but you choose to ignore, to show that although I personally think this should be considered for future "revisions of the standard", it does not exist in the standard. The text was clearly marked as such. "This Site" does not "make up it's own terms". I stated it was a personal opinion. I marked it as a personal opinion. I tried to explain that it's a common term that should not be used. Everyone else seems to understand that it was a personal opinion and it's use is not recommended.

I don't believe I've "jumped" on you, in fact, I think I've been rather patient. On three occasions now, you have refused to listen to what I'm saying and continue to babble on about your original take on the matter. Frankly, on all occasions, your take has been incorrect, but you keep at it until you piss me off. No small feat, no one else has managed to do that. Do you do this with everyone or is it something special you do just for me?  :-*

I've seen you take different perspectives on several topics and that's great. Unfortunately, the written word does not communicate inflection so we can't tell when you're teasing, joking, angry or sad. Seems that I'm always taking your musings as attacks, usually personal attacks on some poor sole.  :(

When you first joined the board, I was excited because you were one of first few dealers to do so. But, you should know this - the "tone" of the board has changed from a friendly gathering to one of hositility and you seem to be at the center of it. I have had some long-time members quit the board because of this.

Use the emoticons to convey feelings, dial down the rhetoric and play nice.
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Well expressed Paul.......most of us are still here (just waiting to get back to normal)........ :)eastguy

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Paul, I fully support your position and the comments you have made, not only as a member of your staff, but also as an individual member of this forum.

The overall tone of the forums has indeed changed in recent weeks... and not in a direction I would prefer it to go.  :(

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I'm not pointing any fingers at any one,but the last couple of weeks there has been alot of bickering :( I use to come to the forum to learn about collecting,interesting thoughts and to meet fellow collectors to learn more about the hobby :)
 Let's appreciate what the forum has to offer.I think we forget sometimes.


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Touche Randy!

I agree. I enjoy the forum for what collectors are finding, looking to buy, sell or trade and just generally enjoy. Let's not forget, I think for most of us (myself anyway) it's a "HOBBY".

I think if your worrying about whether a note has umpteen different grades of UNC, then it's no longer a hobby but becoming more of a "business" venture.

For now we have a system that accomodates the hobby and until there is a change why get all bent out of shape about what might be.

Let's get back to what most of us enjoy about this great site and put this grading controvrsey (bickering) to rest. Frankly ,I get tired of reading the posts about the same thing over and over.

Just one collectors opinion!
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I hear ya.

I'll sin no more.  :'(
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I have followed this thread with some considerable interest and trepidation.
I started collecting coins and some paper money in 1954. However, when the coin grading system changed from G, VG, F, VF, EF, AU, UNC and B.U., to the currently used system, it killed the hobby for me. The new grading system was pushed by dealers, not collectors. The "hair splitting" grading (which can only be done by "experts", i.e. dealers) benefit primarily the dealers, and the individuals providing the grading service.
Paper money then became my main interest. I now fear that if collectors don't fight this new grading trend from the onset, it will be forced down our throats by the dealers.
The CPMS endorsed grading system covers all bases and is understandable for every hobbyist.
I realize that CPMS has many dealer members who will push for the change from the inside. Once they convince the publishers of the Charlton Standard Catalogue, it will be "fait accompli".
   :(   JWS    :(

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