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« on: December 06, 2012, 11:12:17 pm »

I found out about the Google Charts API a while ago and have wanted to play with it ever since.  I've finally found some time today to do that.  It's remarkably easy to work with and I was able to quickly get some graphs made to display the data I want.

Several new graphs and charts are added to the Serial Number Database:

1.  New and Total Notes in SNDB by Month
This chart is available to all users from the main page via a link towards the bottom called Notes Entered By Month (Graph).  It shows how many notes were entered per month since the SNDB was created, along with a cumulative total notes in the SNDB as of each month.

2. Notes Entered in the Last 24 Hours
This report is newly available to all users and shows all of the notes entered to the SNDB within the last 24 hours by all users.  Two charts appear on this report graphically showing the breakdown of notes by value and by quantity.

3. Most Common Recently-Entered Prefixes
This is a set of charts, one per denomination per series.  These graphs show how many notes have been entered into the SNDB over the previous two months for each prefix.  This can provide a visual representation as to the age of the notes in circulation.  For example, one would expect higher numbers of recent prefixes (towards the right side of the graph), and lower numbers of older prefixes (towards the left side of the graph).

4. Summary of Notes I've Entered
This report has been beefed up to include three new charts.  The first two show all of the notes you've entered for each denomination by value and by quantity.  The second graph shows when you have entered notes into the SNDB by month and your overall total.

If there are any specific graphs that you would like to see, please send me a PM and I will consider your suggestion.

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Several new graphs and charts are added to the Serial Number Database:


That's fantastic. It looks great. Thank you.

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