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Some of you may remember some old prefix tables that I created and posted to the Wiki site.  Well, I found that I never really got around to keeping those up to date (I did on my own spreadsheet, but for one reason or another, I neglected to update the Wiki).

Anyway, I've decided to build this into the Serial Number Database.  With the data being pulled from the SNDB, it will always be up to date based on the notes that you enter.  I have also backfilled some data for the Birds of Canada and Multicoloured series.  (No, you cannot enter notes from these old series).

The new prefix maps will also show new prefixes (with a dotted red border) and prefixes that are anticipated but not yet seen (grey).  If you hover over a particular prefix, you will find more information including the date that it was first entered into the SNDB (Canadian Journey and Frontiers series only).

To access the Prefix Maps, just log into the SNDB and look toward the bottom of the list.

Any questions or comments, please post here.


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