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« on: February 18, 2013, 07:28:13 pm »

I have a few gold coins, mostly sovereigns but I have two 1912 Canadian $5 Gold Coins. Are they worth much more then the bulk gold value. I've never sold any gold coins, so is it worth selling them as gold coins or scrapping them for the bulk gold price?

I also have
1866 Victorian Sovereign - Australia Sidney
1891 Victoria Jubilee Head Sovereign
1894 Victoria Old Head Sovereign
1881 $5 Liberty Head
1911 $5 Indian Head
1903 $5 Liberty Head
1903  Edward Vll Sidney Sovereign
1905  Edward Vll Melbourne Sovereign
1912 George V Sovereign
1913 George V Sovereign

I'm not great at grading coins, but are there any that would have more value then the bulk gold weight?? I can tell that none of them are uncirculated but some are better then others? There is a place in town here that will pay 90% of the bulk weight, not sure if thats good or not. Any other suggestions as to where I might sell them?
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I am not a coin person, but the mint just sold a bunch of 1912-14 Canadian gold coins. Condition is the key though.
I am interested in acquiring some gold coins. If you get a price set on them please let me know, I may be a buyer. And I am a collector, not a dealer.

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« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2013, 12:45:33 am »

Glad to see the collection you have.  :) I am very much interested on collecting gold and silver bullion bars and coins. Of what oz you have these things?
I have a doubt in buying gold coins. Which is more valuable, small number of high oz coin or big number of less Oz coins?

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