Topic: $50 Journey note with different serial numbers back and front?  (Read 17680 times)
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Your pictures appear to be backwards.  This isn't helping me in my confused state.  ???

This seems to be an amazing conundrum. ???

So the numbers being reported are coming from the same set of sheets i.e. they are within the 40,000 that was suggested for the BAI pattern.

But they are different positions within the sheet. So presumably if the transfer of ink was happening to the last sheet of the ream from the first sheet on the next ream then the following transfers should be happening:

Reverse imprint of AHN2867001 on the front of AHN2827999 (this assumes that the sheet containing AHN2867000 somehow vanished)

If the above is true then the other reported note should have:

Reverse imprint of AHN2882001 on the front of AHN2842999

However the note reported to have an imprint of AHN 2882001 is on AHN2842995

So what gives here?

When I look at the most recent example posted by noon it almost looks not as an ink transfer but a print of the ink (assuming we can sort out the photographs)

Wonder what paper money would say if it could talk?
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Hi Guys its being a long time since i post here
but i have the same Error front number ahn2882001 back number  ahn2842995
intresting that the not on the auction site have ann2897001 .


Hey noon,

It would be interesting to trace the lineage of your note? Do you have a record of where and how your procured it?

Wonder what paper money would say if it could talk?
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hi ,
i will scan the note and post the pic's tomorrow i need to find my old scanner
the new 1s don't scan paper money any more .
I did take the pic's from my laptop cam its not the best .

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« Reply #18 on: April 17, 2013, 10:45:48 pm »

In summary...

The ream intervals are 40,000 notes.  It has been determined that the ream groups are as follows:
AHN 2820000-2859999
AHN 2860000-2899999
AHN 2900000-2939999

So the eBay note has AHN 2867001 printed on the front of AHN 2827999.

Noon's note has AHN 2882001 printed on the front of AHN 2842995.

Both AHN 2867001 and AHN 2882001 are notes from the same ream and same sheet.

But AHN 2827999 and AHN 2842995 are from the same ream but 4 sheets apart.  That seems to indicate that the sheet that caused the error on both notes came in contact with at least two sheets, maybe more.  That is quite unexpected and impossible to explain.

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