Topic: Polymer Notes - Signs of Serial Number offset on front  (Read 2237 times)
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I have seen journey notes with ink from serial numbers transferred on to the adjacent sheets. Looking at a number of notes where this has happened I have seen that the serial number that is transferred from a higher numbered adjacent sheet to the front of a lowered number sheet.

Only recently I have started noticing this in the polymers  (I am not a bricker but every note that I get takes at least 30-60 seconds to go through my hand - and many notes have gone through my hands this way)

Here is an image of the offset printing. The image is that of the front of FSA 0962713. The close-up of the front shows the offset in the image below:


I made the following observations that were rather unique for me:

a) Only the outlines have been offset
b) The offset is substantially higher than the location of the serial number
c) It is the sheet with the higher number (notice the last 4) that is transferred on to the sheet with a lower number.

The observation (a) is consistent with the close examination of how the serial numbers are inked in a polymer note compared to that in the paper note. If you under a loop you will see that in the polymer the numbers have a distinct outline and a distinct centre as seen in an image below from my stock photos of a different note:


Interestingly enough I have seen such offset printing more frequently in the 200 skip numbered note than I have in any of the previous notes. So as a percentage of the notes observed it seems that it is more frequent in lower skip numbered sheets.

Hopefully others might be able to share their experiences on this.

Wonder what paper money would say if it could talk?

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