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« on: August 21, 2013, 11:02:05 am »

With the aid of Mr. Louis Fontaine's Hi / Lo List I've just completed sorting through my collection of  CTC coupons. While I was going through them I found I have many coupons that extend ranges beyond those that are currently reported and in some cases they would creat a new range completely. As an example I have a five cent coupon from the CTC S31-B series with serial number 0464384626, this falls within the reported range of 046425000 - 0466300453 which were printed in 2011 however the one I have was printed in 2012.
 Combined I have about $450.00 in Gas Bar and store coupons ranging from some of the earliest to present day. Breaking it down there's about $70.00 in Gas Bar coupons and $300.00 in the older style store coupons dating from 1962 - 1991 the other $90.00 or so are from the newer style between 1992 - to present. Perhaps there's someone in the Toronto area that has a interest in going through these more closely as I'm not sure of some of the varities that are listed? I know there is at least one replacement note but I'm not sure how to tell the replacements in some of the series, there's another with the stretched serial number and many with the orange serial numbers in the CTC S-4 series.
Is there a site somewhere that these serial numbers could be reported other then through the contact me on Mr. Fontaine's site ( I've tried in the past to contact him through his site with no reply)?

Cheers, Bill

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If you wish to get in touch with Louis you can go to the web site and go to the "contact us" link. Click on the "Our executive committee" and then click on Louis Fontaine and his email address will come up in an email. Good luck, I am sure Louis will be interested in your finds.

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