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« on: April 29, 2014, 05:47:53 pm »

I've gone spelunking through a pile of boxes of quarters over the last few months and I've found a few silver coins, a pile of US quarters, some foreign, etc.  All that is good, but I'm talking today about the bad.

On numerous occasions, I've received boxes of quarters direct from the bank where each and every roll has been short one coin.  On two occasions including as recently as yesterday, I got ten rolls and each one was short 2-3 coins!  I've also frequently received nickels in the rolls instead of quarters.

Normally, the bank has been kind enough to repay the difference, but today I was a little put off by a Customer Service Manager at the bank I received yesterday's short rolls from.  After explaining the situation, they denied that it could have happened as they weigh all of their rolls and if a roll was short 2-3 coins, it would visibly stand out and would not have been given to a customer.  The tone of voice and the outright denial made me feel as though they thought I was making this up and trying to scam them.  I got my money refunded, but I was told that they would not do this again.  In the interests of keeping the peace, I decided not to push the matter, but I left the bank with a sour taste in my mouth.

Given the number of times I've received short rolls, I'm finding myself disappointed that there must be so many people out there deliberately trying to make a buck or two by holding back a quarter or dime one at a time from rolls.  Surely they can find easier and faster ways to make money, but I guess not.

Those of you who also go through rolls of coin, what have your experiences been?  Have you ever received short rolls?  What have you done about it?

Note: I'm not looking for sympathy... I can find that elsewhere if I need it.  I'm looking for you to share your experiences, tips, etc.
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« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2014, 07:47:42 pm »

when ever I take rolled coins to the bank I use the clear plastic rolls no chance of error there
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  Back when I would go through rolls of pennies, I never really counted if all 50 were in a roll or not.  Maybe a few times it was off by one or two but I'm sure all the dimes I've found in penny rolls cover the missing pennies  :P

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« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2014, 07:47:22 pm »

Finding missing coins in rolls (plastic or paper) taken from banks has happened often to me.  Not surprising...
Last automn, I bought a box of quarters and as you found in your box, each and every roll missed one or some times 2 coins.  But I must say that there was more 250 american quarters in the box.  Since the american quarters are a bit thicker that the canadian ones, and the available space in a plastic roll is limited, when there is few american coins in a roll, there is no space to put 40 coins in the plastic roll.  So the roll end up with 39 or even 38 coins in it...
I don't believe that the bankers weights each roll to check the right number of coins.  They dont have the time to do that on a regular basis...ant if the roll is underweight, what they do?  Since the canadian coins are a very variable mix of old and heavier  coins with recent and lighter coins, if the roll is lighter, is the roll is opened and checked?  It would be surprising...

Anyway, the only time I got an entire box of coins holding exactly the right number of coins, it's when I got a box of 5 cents full of rolled-up nickels in paper, as those rolled by machines in industrial coin sorters. The box contained exactly 2000 5ยข coins...  When the roll are human made, there is always missing coins in many rolls, very rarely more coins that intended in a roll. even if the roll is made of paper...

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« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2014, 12:26:57 am »

I have an interest in loonie and toonie rolls. I have found the following:

a) I have infrequently found one short coin although I must say on one occasion I have found an extra coin.

b) Recently I found a toonie roll with SIX less coins. It was in a paper wrapper and it was obvious. I caught this before walking away from the teller station so it was not an issue.

c) One one occasion I have found car wash tokens from somewhere in East end of Ontario.

d) I have also found quarters stuck in with the rest of the coins. I now regularly run my finger nail on the outside of the roll and if I see a depression I open and check it. I have opened rolls in front of the tellers to show them this condition.

e) Recently I found a roll with a dime stuck in between loonies and I thought there would have been a missing loonie. Instead I was further ahead by 10 cents.

f) In what appeared to be a machine wrapped roll the first coin at one end was a Mexican Coin. Luckily it was not on the inside and clearly visible. I noticed it before I left the teller and had them exchange it for me.

Hope you are able to resolve it with your bank.

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