Topic: CBN $50 FMS, FMT, FMU, FMV, GHB Layout - Found FMV with #9 Position Number  (Read 5670 times)
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In reading the most recent version of the CPMS journal I got an impression that the CBN $50 layout for FMS, FMT, FMU, FMV and GHB was similar to CBN layout 8 which has the bottom row with position numbers 49, 39, 29, 19 and 09 and with the bottom row printing GHB up to 5000000.

In my database I  originally had a FMV note with position number (#9) corresponding to the bottom but after reading the article I surmised that I perhaps had made a data entry error. Since I did not keep the note I had no way of checking it.

Recently I ran into another FMV note with position number of 19. I have entered it into the SNDB and it accepted it. I will scan and keep the image if anyone is interested please PM me with your e-mail and I will forward the image to you.

I have a feeling that I am possibly misreading some of this research data. Any help from the research community explaining this would be most helpful.

Should this also be reported to the CPMS journal? I am not sure if all the readers of the CPMS journal are members of this forum

Thank you

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