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Hello everyone,

 Was wondering if anyone else had noticed about the different amounts of colour toning in the left tower of this Monument. I have seen varieties of the amount of green in tower, and from what I have seen when the prefix starts with a B the left tower is fairly dark. If I look at a note with the prefix starting with F, the left tower is a few shades lighter in colour looking at them side by side.

 Is this some indication that they are printed in 2 different locations, or the fact that when a certain prefix is being done that the amount of ink or tone of ink isn't monitored so well.


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Interesting observation. I have seen similar variation in the text on the front left "twenty dollars" and the front right "this note is a legal tender Ottawa".

Invariably in the all the B prefix notes this text is noticebaly thinner than the F prefix notes. In the F prefix generally the text is a bit thicker with some ranges showing a very noticeable thickness increase.

I have not noticed any difference in the 50's between the A prefix and F or G prefix. Of course the other denominations have only been printed by one printer but in the $10 there are certain ranges where there is noticeable difference in thicknesses.

I have been cataloging them and there appears to be some pattern. If anyone else is keeping tab on it and want to compare notes PM me.

Having said that some of the tonal differences happen because of minor but interesting errors - particularly doubling. This is very uncommon. But if you do see significant tonal differences put the note under a loupe. It may be worth it. I would love to hear from anyone who has come across notes with printed elements that are doubled.

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