Topic: 1973 $1 *FV research results  (Read 5020 times)
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« on: July 15, 2014, 05:38:24 pm »

I have been collecting data on *FV asterisk notes, mostly from online sources, for the past couple of years.  Here is my "register" of notes recorded:

*fv 6120232       Charlton 5th-23rd LOW
*fv 6124558       Unc  eBay
*fv 6134269       "Unc Gem"  eBay
*fv 6141092       circulated  eBay (Dec 2012)
*fv 6142095       circulated  eBay (Dec 2012)
*fv 6143092       circulated  eBay (Dec 2012)
*fv 6191866       "VF"  eBay (Mar 2013)
*fv 6197431       circ  eBay (Feb 2014)
*fv 6205424        Fine+  private collection
*fv 6216645       GUnc  CPM forum post
*fv 6220568       unknown  eBay
*fv 6245365       circ  eBay (Apr 2013)
*fv 6265971       circulated  eBay (Dec 2012)
*fv 6272275       "GUnc" ebay
*fv 6274421       Unc Gatewest auctions (Nov 2013)
*fv 6274422       Unc Gatewest auctions (Nov 2013)
*fv 6295244       circ  eBay (May 2013)
*fv 6296588       "AU+/Unc"  eBay
*fv 6296589       "AU"  eBay (Aug 2013)
*fv 6319036       circ  eBay (May 2013)
*fv 6324384       GUnc  CPM forum post
*fv 6328825       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328826       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328827       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328828       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328829       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328830       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328831       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328832       Unc  eBay
*fv 6328834       CCCS Unc-65  eBay
*fv 6341293       Fine edge tr  private collection
*fv 6348547       VF  private collection
*fv 6351012       Fine  eBay (Jan 2014)
*fv 6355552       VF  private collection
*fv 6375010       circ  eBay (Apr 2014)
*fv 6378152       VF  private collection
*fv 6386846       VF+  private collection
*fv 6426645       F-VF  private collection
*fv 6428574       "Unc"  eBay (Jan 2014)
*fv 6433617       AU  eBay (Mar 2013)
*fv 6446764       VF+  eBay (Mar 2013)
*fv 6448990       VF-EF  private collection
*fv 6458982       AU?   eBay (Jun 2013)
*fv 6458983       EF?   eBay (Sep 2013)
*fv 6488655      EF (stain)  eBay (Jun 2014)
*fv 6518364       circ  eBay (Apr 2014)
*fv 7002122       "Unc"  eBay (Jul 2012)
*fv 7020728       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020729       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020730       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020731       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020732       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020733       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020734       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020735       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020736       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020737       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020738       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020739       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020740       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020741       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020742       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020743       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020744       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020745       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020746       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7020747       Unc?  CPM forum post
*fv 7021407       Unc  eBay
*fv 7021408       Unc  eBay
*fv 7021409       Unc  eBay
*fv 7021410       Unc  eBay
*fv 7045585       circ  eBay (Jun 2014)
*fv 7057351       VF  private collection
*fv 7064295       Charlton 5th HIGH
*fv 7066450       Charlton 9th-23rd HIGH

Some observations and comparisons with the previously posted *AN research...

Just like replacement prefix *AN, the serial numbers for prefix *FV suggest a split range.  The lower range is from 6120000 to 6519999, a total of 400,000 notes, and is well defined by the register data.  The upper range is anything above 7000000, and the boundaries are harder to define.  I suspect that the upper range was not fully released such that notes were printed from 7000000 to 7079999, a total of 80,000, but the highest number recorded is 7066450, a number that really does not suggest a logical endpoint.  Certain replacement prefixes from the 1954 and 1967 series notes have been shown to be less than completely released.  The lower and upper *FV ranges may have been printed for separate purposes, just as I hypothesized for the *AN prefix where the larger range could be "star make-up notes" used by the printers and the smaller range is replacements used by the Bank of Canada.

Though the upper *FV range is small, quite a few notes have been recorded, including runs of consecutive uncirculated notes.  This is in stark contrast to prefix *AN where no uncirculated notes were found in the smaller range (the highest grade is a consecutive pair of AU+ notes).  So neither *FV range appears to be particularly scarce.

No *FV notes have been found in the range 6520000-6999999.

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« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2014, 11:23:59 pm »

Very interesting!  Good job!!!

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« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2014, 11:09:06 am »

As the owner of the run of 20 *FV notes, I can assure you they are all UNC. It would be interesting to see the prices realized on eBay.
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« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2014, 05:08:53 pm »

As the owner of the run of 20 *FV notes, I can assure you they are all UNC. It would be interesting to see the prices realized on eBay.

I don't doubt they are UNC, but I am a cynical person, and cynicism helps protect me from making spurious assumptions.  Logic dictates that consecutive serial numbers makes it much more likely that the notes are Uncirculated, but that's not an absolute given.  Consecutive notes stashed away without protection can get quite beaten up.

There is a consecutive trio of *FV notes over 7000000 on eBay, the same listing that has been repeated many times.  Nobody is buying the notes at $45 apiece.

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