Topic: BoC invites Canadians to propose design ideas for a bank note marking Canada150  (Read 15006 times)
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Commemorative $1 or a $2 notes might sound like a neat idea, but if they are intended for circulation, they will flop. They will end up in drawers, much like the mint's unsuccessful attempt to promote the 50ยข coin with a high mintage for-circulation commemorative edition back in 2002.

If commemorative $1 or $2 notes are produced as NCLT, I can see them being sold for way above face value in commemorative holders, much like the lasting impressions sets, that few collectors will buy, and almost no non-collecting Canadians will ever see.

A $5 note would be the best for visibility and utility, just like the $1 was back in 1967.

I agree, the $1 and $2 notes will flop because they will not circulate. It needs to be one of the current denominations, ideally the $5. The BOC could release existing $5 designs with a small commemorative overprint, similarly to what is being planned for the $20 commemorative notes this fall. These notes should not require any changes to the software in ATMs or any other banknote-reading equipment, they will still stand out and, most importantly, they will circulate, giving everyone a chance to find one of these notes for face value.
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A precedent for 2017????
There is a new $150 note in Hong Kong celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).
Wouldn't it be great to have a $150 bill to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada in 2017??? 

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Wouldn't it be great to have a $150 bill to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada in 2017???

The $150 note has my support for a couple reasons. 
1) It is far more a correlation between Canada's 150th birthday &
2) Maybe it will get some people to exchange a few of these commemorative $150 notes for their old 1954, multicolour or Birds $20(s), $50(s) & $100(s) they've got stashed away in the SDB.  That might mean some of us collectors could snag a "find"  :D


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