Topic: Varnish Changeover - HCU and GMA found with two different varnish pattern  (Read 4772 times)
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Many folks must have noticed that the varnish pattern on the back of the newer prefixes is visibly different. The prefixes that show the new varnish include HCV, HCW etc., GJY, GJZ etc., GMB, GMC etc.

I have now detected that the varnish changeover happened at existing prefixes in 5's and 50's. I do not have similar information for 20' and 100's.

So the changeover happened as follows:

HCU - Serial numbers somewhere in between 9.423M and 9.495M is where the changeover has happened.
GMA - Serial numbers greater than 6.0M have been seen with new varnish. Not enough data to get a closer range yet.

It is possible that GJW (greater than 8.0M) and FZE (greater than 4.0M) may also have changeover varnish.

It would be appreciated if members can make a note of the varnish finish and post here if they find something that can help narrow the range.

Thank you
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