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Collectors are cautioned against paying large sums of money for $5 HBG Macklem/Carney polymer notes.

There have been significant quantities (numerous bricks, plus countless smaller amounts) of notes below 3.197M found.  A suggested maximum fair price for these notes is $20 each in G.Unc.

Further, a number of bundles of G.Unc notes between 3.197M to 3.593M have been found.  This is the same range as that of the first HBG Macklem/Carney notes found when we all thought they were ultra rare.  Although they seem not to be quite as common as the lower-numbered notes, there are still many of these notes available in top grades.  A suggested maximum fair price for these notes is $50 each in G.Unc.

If you are thinking about buying an HBG Macklem/Carney $5 note, it is recommended that you save your money until you find one at a more reasonable price.  These are not rare notes, and collectors should not be paying premium prices for them.

I am making this post on behalf of myself as well as several knowledgeable sources and respected numismatists.  One, who agreed to be identified, is Gilles Pomerleau.  This advisory post is being made to inform collectors of approximately how common these notes are in hopes that they may avoid being someone who overpays, becomes pissed off and gains a negative impression of the seller, the hobby, etc.  This sort of thing can be toxic and we would like to do what we can to prevent it.

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