Topic: Charlton 27th Edition - BC-63c compared to BC-63cA  (Read 4864 times)
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« on: June 10, 2015, 04:28:55 pm »

Charlton 27th Edition Page 349 -I'm trying to sort out what the values should be for BC-63 Jenkins-Dodge BEK and for BC-63cA Jenkins Dodge BEK (9.315M-9.405M) and BEK(9.495M-9.675M)

On Page 336 the checklist of prefix letters for BC-63c Jenkins-Dodge BEK is 8600000-9999999.

Doesn't one overlap the other?  Which should take priority when setting a value for a sheet replacement note?

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« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2015, 11:09:41 pm »

On p.336 the checklists given are for all prefixes (replacement/non replacement combined) for each signature. The BEK prefix for Jenkins-Dodge was printed from 8600000-9999999 with two replacement ranges within that range. As for prices they are correct in the catalog. Evidently one would think that the replacements are worth more than regular notes but this is not the case for BEK as the regular notes are more scarce than the replacements. Its all about the availability of one note. It is also likely that not all BEK notes were even circulated while the replacements were fully circulated. And i do remember quite well ten years ago it was not all that hard finding the replacements for sale while it was next to impossible to find the non-replacement.  I hope this answers your question.

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