Topic: royal bank 1912 (proposed) ten dollar bank note  (Read 4145 times)
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« on: December 15, 2015, 05:58:44 pm »

Hello all, I am newby here. I do collect, but not paper money. Hope that's OK. I have a question. This 1912 proposed Royal Bank ten dollar note had the image of a four-funnel passenger liner.

The minister of trade and commerce George Foster knew about the CPR's proposed liner in February 1912. How did the never-built ship make it to a bank note?

Anybody got any idea about a direct link with a government official? Perhaps Foster was a director of the bank. Were the banks answerable to the the dept of trade and commerce and not finance?

I am looking for any link I can find to explain the never issued note. Can you think of a possible reading source for me?

Much appreciated.  Milo Hicks, North Vanocuver
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Helo Milo,

Here is the link to an excellent 2014 article written by Ronald Greene that provides the most comprehensive answer to your question.  Hope this helps.

I have also attached an image of a proof from the ABNCo of this note (from the Ronald Greene Collection).

Arthur Richards
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