Topic: 1929 A #000001 Serial # (AUNC) with stain. How much does the stain impact?  (Read 1514 times)
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My friend needs assistance in valuing a 1929 A #000001 Serial # with a stain (See photo) over one serial number.  It would be a UNC grade without the stain but I think the stain if enough to drop it to a (Choice AUNC) no rips, no tears, no folds, corners are all nice too.

Being a A00001 serial how much does this stain impact the value? It shows on both sides but the rest of the bill is very clean. Is it still considered a trophy note or does the stain hurt it too much?

It's owned by a friend who has inherited this and we are trying to determine the value (He is not a collector himself) and I do not have anything in my collection of this importance however I would love to own it but I don't even know a fair price to offer him so I am thinking his best choice may be something like the torex auction.  Would welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks for the help.
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Hello: Can you provide more identification for the note please. What bank, denomination, signatures, etc.... thanks...
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Assuming the A is a prefix letter, not a check letter, it appears that you are describing a Barclays Bank $5 signed Bruce-Borden.
As a collector, the way I would approach a problem note is in this fashion:
Would I prefer this note or a problem-free note in EF condition (or VF, or G or whatever), until I get to a point where I feel the same toward a problem note or a lower grade problem free note.
That will guide me in what price to pay.

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Bank of Nova Scotia
$5.00 Denomination
Moore-McLeod Signatures
Check Letter "A"

I said previously "no folds, corners are all nice too." after looking at it closer it does have a very small fold line in the top right corner (ear) and the bottom left corner does have a slight round edge not a sharp crisp point so the corners are not perfect. 
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Did that info help?

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