Topic: 1954 $10 BOC Beattie/Rasmin. 4 digit radar note  (Read 1484 times)
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« on: September 13, 2017, 02:54:11 pm »

serial number I/V 3544453.
This is a circulated note with a crease in the middle but no tears.
Can anyone suggest a possible value?
I will try to attach a photo but I have not been successful attaching photos on this forum previously.
Also, there is a light brown stain on the note, maybe from a dirty finger.  Can I use detergent to clean it?

Thanks.  Kevin.
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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 05:53:07 pm »

It is impossible to give you an accurate estimate of what your note is worth without an image. BUT whatever you do- DON'T BLEACH or try to remove the stain! That is basically the worse thing you could do!

However, from your description, I will guess that it is likely a "Very Fine" note, and a VF "3 digit radar" 1954 modified $10 note goes for about %40 of $95.00

So - if the stain is not too severe and your note is a good strong VF (no other problems) than it may fetch around $36-$40.00   But, having said that, I still feel its how you sell your note that can make a difference. If it has great "Eye-appeal" (well centered, not cleaned nor pressed) read below...

IMO: Not a lot of notes sold (on the most popular online auction service) have true auction style listings so if you were to start your listing low and let it naturally play out you could get more than book for it.
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« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2017, 01:26:07 pm »

IMO:  (on the most popular online auction service)

What is this online auction?
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« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2017, 01:06:10 pm »

What is this online auction?
I believe its E-bay, there are lots of notes and at times great notes up for auction.
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« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2017, 05:31:55 pm »

Thank you

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