Topic: Will Someone Replace Gilles ?  (Read 7614 times)
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« on: September 24, 2017, 01:10:13 pm »

Hi Guys,

I just learned that Gilles is retirering from selling new banknotes. I knew that this day would come and I'm sad because I will never be able to buy from him again.   :'(

Since they stopped printing X replacement notes 20 years ago I decided that I would only collect two digit radar notes and I estimate that I bought about 75% of my two digit radars from Gilles.

Is there anybody who is doing the same kind of business that Gilles was doing and that will be able to provide me with new notes in the future because I currently do not know anyone else.

I'm affraid that if I don't find a new supplier I will have to concentrate only on the older notes and forget collecting the new stuff.


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